6 Reasons Why You Need Incident Response as a Service

incident response planning by professionals

A security breach can result in confidential data leakage and disruption of business operations, and most importantly, data breaches can damage the business reputation.

To recover from any security breach and prevent such incidents in the future, incident response services play an important role.

Incident response is one of the most prominent threat prevention and response strategies adopted by business firms globally.

What is Incident Response as a Service?

Incident Response is a systematic approach towards identifying, containing, and managing potential cyberattacks. The key objective of the incident response process is to help organizations limit the damage caused by a breach and recover as quickly as possible while preparing for the future. Taking immediate pre-planned incident response actions during the security incident can help organizations minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

Incident Response as a Service, also called Incident Response Retainer Services, is an on-demand incident response activity carried out by companies in events of cyberattacks to handle the impact, contain the breach, and conduct 360-degree forensic analysis. Advanced Incident Response services help organizations achieve a higher level of cyber resilience by analyzing and documenting the details of the breach to strengthen systems against future cyberattacks.

Why do you need Incident Response?

Expert threat detection, active monitoring, and thorough analysis of threats are the necessary activities that all organizations need to be capable of. To handle such burdensome yet integral tasks of business security management, having a professional forensic threat detection incident response team by your side can be a great add on, which not only supports you in handling the security incident in a proactive approach but also helps in minimizing the breach effect and speedy recovery of data.

What are the advantages of Incident Response as a Service?

Incident Response Retainership Service offers businesses the flexibility to access the service anytime they experience a breach. The threat hunting team comprises of experienced forensic investigators who have years of industry experience in handling security incidents in real-time. They follow an ultra-reactive approach towards analyzing the core of the breach, managing it proactively to control the damage, and minimizing the impact to ground zero without any data loss.

Benefits of Using Incident Response Retainer Service

  1. IR Readiness: The Incident Response Team will understand your application architecture, cloud infrastructure, and database system and help strengthen incident response readiness.
  2. Periodic Threat Hunting: The IR as a Service steam will assess your system logs periodically and provide a complete report on the system’s status. The reports on network servers’ security conditions help identify existing anomalies in the system, thus developing a secure network.
  3. IR Playbook: Incident Response Playbook will give a detailed insight into how the system will get audited and the processes and procedures followed while handling a security breach. It also improves the knowledge of threat detection and helps in building reactive responses towards the threat.
  4. First Responder Training: First responder training as a part of the Incident Response Retainer services will help your IT/cybersecurity team with awareness of the evolving threats and proactive steps towards handling cyberattacks.
  5. Simulated Attacks: Understand cyber vulnerabilities and identify the security gaps with simulated attack exercises. State-of-the-art incident response technologies put enterprise defense into test against evolving threats.

Incident Response as a service has helped organizations build proactive cyberattack response towards cyberthreats. With the support of an Incident Response as a Service provider, organizations can add capabilities to their threat detection process and develop strategic techniques to perform proactive incident response activities.

SISA provides Incident Response as a Service to help customers build cyber resilience with Forensics IR, Malware Forensic, Data Recovery, Advanced Forensics Infrastructure, Research and Innovation, and Forensic Advisory capabilities.

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