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Data breaches now seem to be a never-ending story as we constantly hear about one company after another being compromised. In 2020 itself, 37 billion records were compromised in more than 3,900 confirmed data breaches. CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) are under extreme pressure of protecting customer data from these nefarious hackers, with limited budgets.

The pandemic outbreak in early 2020 led most companies from offline to online driven atmosphere. Many companies were new to the online environment and the adaptability took time. On the contrary, this opened the gateway for hackers and the amount of breaches increased exponentially.

Experts predicted that the Work from home (WFH) and the shift towards cloud environment will lead to tons of security challenges, high-profile IoT hacks and new type of Ransomware attacks.

SISA strongly believes that the right way to address this challenge is by providing a 360 degree insights. This is reflected in SISA Forensic Learning session.

SISA Forensic Learning session is a customized and designed for companies who want to learn how to safeguard their data from potential threats. This informative one on one session will help you understand the ways in which organizations can be at risk and can help you determine the right processes and countermeasures to protect it.

Who should attend this session and why?

The responsibility of building a breach-free atmosphere in an organization lies in the hands of CISOs/CTOs. Their decision in this regard is very crucial. The session mainly focus on minimizing the burden of decision making by providing optimum inputs based on detailed approach.
This session is tailored for CISOs and senior executives in the organization who are looking for an answer to some of these questions.
How can I stop an intruder compromise my network?
How can I reduce the dwell time of a breach?
How to safeguard my PCI and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data?
How to do intelligent monitoring to reduce the chances of potential threats?
How to implement proper access control management?
How leverage digital forensics and incident response to be more cyber resilient?

Key takeaways from this session

Key breach usecase in FSI & Fintech
Attack strategy & gaps leveraged by the attackers
Key causes vs contribution factors that aided the attackers
Top Five Forensic Learnings/ Actions recommended by SISA
Q&A with core PFI investigators
These are just the partial list of questions which we address in our forensics learning sessions. It is a customized learning session to address your specific challenges, we do thorough research and study before presenting it to you.

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