Incident Response and Forensic Solutions

Our incident response and forensic solutions help you accelerate investigation and maximize the potential use of digital evidence while minimizing the cost of forensic investigations during security incidents. We do so by helping you identify, investigate and respond to breaches faster than ever.

Decipher. Deter. Defend – Transform from being reactive to proactive on the face of cyber threats

Visualize all IoT assets and simulate the behavior of threat actors on your IoT ecosystem. With SISA, you can proactively detect threats and anomalies in your IoT applications and servers to remediate vulnerabilities. Our IoT security testing services are flexible to help you implement least-privilege access control for your IoT ecosystem and secure sensitive data.
Incident Response / Compromise Assessment Services

Initially, we identify the complete attack surface of your IoT ecosystem including the network, applications, encryption, and servers to gauge vulnerabilities.

Forensic and Incident Response Retainer Service

The SISA Incident Response and Forensic Retainer service is focused on reducing the attacker’s dwell time, thereby allowing businesses to minimize the impact of a breach. With a global Payment Forensic Investigator on standby, you can gain peace of mind.

Payment Forensics Investigation

As an approved PFI, SISA can help you investigate and manage payment security breaches. We offer detailed investigations and give you an assessment report in line with PFI guidelines to help you in mitigating possible vulnerabilities and preventing a breach.

Internal Forensics Investigation

Our team of highly qualified investigators use the latest technology like EnCase and FTK worldwide famous forensic tools and digital forensic techniques to discover any potential evidence.

Proactive incident response backed by deep forensic expertise

Gain a quick understanding of the nature of a cyberattack

Reduce the time taken to respond to an incident across multiple endpoints and recover faster

Proactively handle cyber incidents and limit the impact of breaches

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