ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the most preferred standard to assure risk management and other security services when it comes to Information Security Management System (ISMS).

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is one of the international standards that need to be followed by organizations in order to ensure the security of information assets, whether it is details about the employees, financial information or any other information assigned to an organization by customers, vendors or any other third party. Keeping them secure will be a possibility by following the standards of ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is the most preferred standard to assure risk management and other security services when it comes to Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISMS include a series of organized approaches and framework in order to ensure that any kind of sensitive information of a company is kept secure and safe. Organizations of varied scale and size can keep their information assets secure with a robust ISMS.

Why Should You Comply with ISO 27001?

Different verticals and lines of business in the domain of Education, Financial Services, Government, Health Care, Hotels, Payment Services, Restaurants, Retail, Information Technology etc. need adherence and compliance to ISO 27001 because all of these fields deal with huge amounts of data which need to be maintained properly because the sensitivity of the information is huge. If this data is accessible or is vulnerable to security breaches then it could have a catastrophic impact financially, legally etc. Strict adherence to the standards of ISO 27001 will ensure that a business is not susceptible to any kind of vulnerabilities which could pose a risk to the information security of the organization etc.

Here are some of the key reasons why adherence to ISO 27001 is imperative.

Proactive risk management helps in ensuring that the information assets are kept secure from any probable threats

Proper remediation services are also available along with threat protection and detection capabilities thereby helping in effective threat management

Distinct segregation of roles & responsibilities for people thereby, assuring effective risk reduction along with a powerful compliance framework

ISO 27001 provides an organization with adequate amount of resources to protect the interests of vendors and customers

Why work with SISA for ISO27001 compliance

SISA is a worldwide leader in compliance and payment securities space. Here are some key reasons why working with SISA is a good choice for your company:

Global presence that accounts for presence in over 35+ countries with multiple delivery locations namely in the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East

Already served 2000 plus organizations across various verticals like finance, retail, IT, hotels, banks etc.

With a philosophy of “Security and not only Compliance” our methods will ensure a complete review of all the existing processes to ensure a foolproof safety for information

Round the clock support with state of the art tools which can help you comply with the ISO 27001 framework in the most efficient way

Our Approach

Implementation Analysis

We work relentlessly to understand the context of the business. This helps us identify the relevance and importance of information security for the business.

Proactive Risk Assessment
Proactive Risk Assessment– SISA’s Risk Assessment methodologies help in identifying the risks to information assets. We also conduct a gap analysis which can help one identify the vulnerabilities and threats that are present in the immediate environment at an early and nascent stage.
Understanding of ISO 27001 framework
Our team of expert security advisors will help your organization understand the standard of ISO 27001. We will help you decipher the different policies, procedures and documentation associated with the ISO 27001 so that all the principles and requirements are understood by your organization perfectly. We will also help you understand the probable risk and gaps. This is one of the lengthier stages and needs quite some investment of time.
Auditing & Consulting
We will then conduct an internal audit to ensure that ISO 27001 is implemented successfully across the organization. We will also ensure that the principle of ISO 27001 is successfully incorporated into the overall lifecycle of the business
Registration & Certification
Finally, we will help you with the registration process for ISO 27001 certification. This involves the understanding of the different documentation needs along with implementation verification.

Our ISO 27001 Services

Proactive risk management will help your organization effectively identify potential risks and will also assist you in putting remedial strategies in place. SISA’s ISO 27001 service portfolio includes:

ISO 27001 Consultancy

ISO 27001 Auditing

ISO 27005 Risk Assessment Implementation

Training: ISO 27001 and Risk Assessment

Whether you are a small scale organization or a large scale enterprise, you should ensure that the medium to a large volume of data that your business handles is safe and secure. Our service of consulting, risk management and auditing can help you identify risks before it converts into a catastrophic error causing data loss, financial loss, harm to your organization’s reputation etc.

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