Red Teaming Services

Assess your organization’s readiness to defend critical assets against real-world threats.

Strengthen your defenses with Red Teaming and adapt

to evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures

Simulate real-world attack scenarios to remain agile and responsive to emerging threats

Perform multi-layered security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities

Develop proactive approach to improve preparedness and response time

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Test your threat detection, incident response and mitigation skills with a team of expert ethical hackers

SISA’s Red Team exercise applies forensic intelligence for simulating real-world threats

SISA’s Red Teaming service adopts a systematic 4-phased approach that mirrors the strategy followed by intruders traditionally. The core methodology is designed to measure the readiness of your people, processes and IT infrastructure to respond to known and unknown threats.

3-tiered attack simulation

Forensic intelligence-led testing

MITRE ATT&CK mapping


  • Spying on victim
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Use of OSINT tools, techniques and resources

Planning & Preparation

  • Identify the zone of attack
  • Perform staging operations to set up groundwork & resources
  • Plan the attack & mode of delivery

Attack Execution

  • Launch the attack (active, physical, passive)
  • Gain asset access
  • Perform lateral movement
  • Run data exfiltration

Reporting & Analysis

  • Technical report
  • Risk analysis
  • Remediation plan
  • Run data exfiltration

Why choose SISA for Red Team exercise?

SISA’s Red Team services are designed using best-in-class tools and methodologies and delivered by a trusted team of industry experts.

A risk-based approach to Red Team assessment by exploring, evaluating, and exploiting every vulnerability that can cause potential damage.

Core PFI with expertise in investigating payment frauds in more than 40 countries across the world.

A risk-based approach to Red Team assessment by exploring, evaluating, and exploiting every vulnerability that can cause potential damage.

Specialization in adversary simulation using various tactics including social engineering, automated and manual Penetration Testing.

More than a decade of experience in Network VAPT, ASV scans, and Application PT.

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