PCI PIN Security

Make electronic transactions safer. While PCI Compliance aims to secure cardholder data, PCI PIN security requirements are more concerned with the security of all types of POS (point-of-sale) devices and terminals, including attended or manned by merchants, or unattended (UPT) devices such as parking payment automated machines.
Increase in electronic transactions has also led to a corresponding increase in cybercrime. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to secure online transactions and keep confidential data such as a PIN (Personal Identification Number). PCI PIN Security Standards are the standards laid down by PCI Security Standards- a global forum working on payment security, to protect PIN data. It lays down a set of requirements for secure management, processing, and transmission of PIN data during online and offline card transactions. A total of 33 requirements is organized in 7 logical related groups called Control Objectives, which ensure that PIN data is not compromised during an electronic payment.

PCI PIN Security standards apply not only to online transactions but also to offline payment card transaction processing at ATM’s and attended and unattended POS terminals.

Why Comply With PCI PIN?

The PIN is the authentication data for all transactions, and any denial of security can lead to this sensitive data landing in the wrong hands. Fraudulent transactions will not only lead to the financial loss of the customer, but the POS agent will also lose his/her credibility and might have to face heavy penalties from Payment brands for non-compliance. Lately, attackers have started targeting unsecured and old POS devices in use over the world. And therefore, it becomes increasingly important.

Since the slightest breach in the safety of data can lead to a huge financial loss, the major payment brands mandate all PIN program participants to perform their onsite PIN compliance validation. PCI PIN Compliance reduces the chances and the potential impact of a compromise of PIN data by ensuring that PIN Entry Devices meet the minimum criteria laid down for security.

Without PCI PIN compliance, the devices may be prone to attacks and more likely to be involved in incidents of data compromise.

Therefore, all organizations must periodically review their devices for PCI PIN compliance and replace the devices with any potential tampering or data compromise.

Why Work with SISA for PCI PIN Compliance?

The expert in payment security, SISA is a VISA-approved PCI PIN Security Assessor. And it is one of the few companies that have been listed as both PCI PFI and PCI PIN Security Assessor.
Claiming our presence in 30+ countries, we have been working on making the digital payments a secure transaction for well over a decade.

We are the forerunners in Synergistic Security Framework, which combines consulting, training and products to augment the security posture at optimum cost.


We envelop PCI QSA, PA-QSA, PCI ASV, VAPT, Payment Forensics, Mobile Payment Application and Security Testing, providing complete expertise.

We offer compliance services, advisory services, and PCI risk assessment to help you in any way possible.

100+ organizations, regardless of their industry sectors, rely on us to keep themselves secure.

We have more than 500 PCI Compliance Certification Audits to our credit.

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