Network Vulnerability Assessment

Uncover hidden risks in your network and unlock critical insights with a forensics-driven approach.
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Enhance your network security using a risk-based approach to vulnerability assessment

SISA’s vulnerability assessment services combine automated and manual scans to offer 360° view of potential threats within your network.

Non-intrusive PCI-approved ASV scan

Our PCI-approved ASV scan ensures a thorough assessment of your network’s security without disrupting its normal operations.

Component-level root cause analysis

Our experts perform a meticulous analysis to identify the underlying causes of vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure.

Network and system architecture review

We conduct a detailed examination of your network and system architecture, identifying any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that may exist.

Redundancy evaluation in entire infrastructure

We assess the redundancy measures in your infrastructure to enhance resilience and ensure business continuity.

Uncover, assess and analyze network vulnerabilities to protect against evolving threats

Our expert network security team helps you uncover vulnerabilities and preemptively counter the risk of expensive data breaches.

Key benefits of network vulnerability assessment

Leverage SISA’s vulnerability assessment services to develop a robust network security strategy

SISA’s vulnerability assessment uses a five-phased approach to identify the flaws and reduce the blind spots in your network.

Phase 3 – Analysis & Reporting

Verification of vulnerabilities to analyze the root cause and assign severity ranking to provide a clear indication of threats that require immediate attention.

Phase 2 – Execution

Identification of vulnerabilities and impacted areas to assess the risk level associated with each vulnerability and prioritization of remediation efforts.

Phase 1 – Planning

An effective gap analysis in the preliminary stages to define the scope of the assessment and facilitate documentation review.

Phase 4 – Remediation

Updation of operational procedures and creation of configuration management process to address identified gaps.

Phase 5 – Revalidation & Reporting

Preparation of a final report post the revalidation of scans and meticulous audits.

Don’t leave it to chance. Supercharge your defenses with a holistic evaluation.

Why choose SISA for network vulnerability assessment?

SISA’s vulnerability assessment combines human expertise, advanced technology and robust methodology to offer swift, secure, and reliable service.

PCI SSC authorized Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

CREST-accredited framework

Integration of forensic-driven learnings into testing techniques

A robust use case library with 10+ years of experience for broader threat coverage.

A specialized non-intrusive ASV solution for a systematic and exhaustive assessment.

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