Forensic and Incident Response Retainer Service

World-class forensic and incident response service on demand. Stay ready, achieve peace of mind and expert support right in time

Prepare your organization from future cyber incidents

Our forensic and incident response retainer service help you accelerate investigation and maximize the potential use of digital evidence while minimizing the cost of forensic investigations during security incidents.

Extend the capabilities of your team and stay ready for any situation by putting a global Payment Forensic Investigator on standby

From cases involving advanced cyber threats to high-profile, targeted crimes, SISA has successfully performed more than 500 forensic investigations with rapid incident response across its 10+ years’ experience. The forensic and incident response retainer service by SISA keeps you prepared and helps you with the right expertise when you need it most.

Why SISA’s Forensic and Incident Response Retainer Service?

SLAs including guaranteed response times (few hours) to incidents.
Forensic readiness internal audit and validation.
Quarterly forensic review of the logs for identifying any potential malicious incidents.
Always-on access to an expert technical team ready for suspicious malware analysis.
Access to forensic playbooks, learning sessions and training.

A Forensic Retainer Tailored to Your Needs

Readiness Audit

  • Evaluate the defense of organization’s infrastructure
  • Evaluate the maturity of IR process
  • Evaluate Blue Team’s capabilities to identify incidents
  • Evaluate organization’s IR Playbook

Learning Sessions

  • Findings from latest Forensic Investigations
  • Briefing on the latest threat intel, intruder strategies, and common gaps
  • Advise on how to rapidly contain and minimizing dwell time

Investigation & Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Identification of scope and collection of evidences
  • Conducting the forensic analysis along with malware reverse engineering Findings from latest Forensic Investigations

Quarterly Review

  • Understanding the network and mapping crown jewels
  • Identification and collection of logs for review
  • Report generation and incident response activities as required

Resilience-driven Approach to Secure Growth

Our Forensic and Incident Response Retainer service is enhanced by the deep forensic knowledge, latest threat intelligence, and successful methodologies adopted from thousands of engagements.
To discuss a better way of working for your forensic readiness capabilities, please get in touch with us

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