Managed Extended Detection and Response

ProACT - Managed Extended Detection and Response

Why SISA Managed Extended
Detection and Response (MXDR)?

Despite heavy investments and the proliferation of security tools, teams often struggle with prioritizing threats, leading to inefficiencies and risks. ProACT MXDR stands out by offering advanced detection and response capabilities essential for addressing sophisticated threats. It integrates multiple security data sources into a unified platform, significantly reducing alert fatigue and bolstering capabilities against evolving threats.

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    Regulatory Compliance Streamlining: Enterprise-Wide Adherence

ProACT Managed Extended Detection and Response Stack

No vendor lock-in, a customized and scalable stack to maximize ROI from existing security solutions

Unleash Next-Generation Defense Capabilities

Integrated Defense Mechanism:

Unify and integrate with diverse security technologies such as SIEM, EDR, and CASB.

Superior Threat Detection:

Harness advanced AI/ML algorithms and behavior-centric analytics, including UEBA, MXDR offers proactive detection of sophisticated cyber threats.

Advanced Automated Response:

Leverage SOAR capabilities for rapid mitigation, from disabling compromised accounts to isolating threats, minimizing impact on business operations.

Deep Cyber Threat Intelligence:

Use advanced monitoring capabilities that extend to the deep and dark web, alongside brand monitoring for unparalleled threat intelligence.

Enhanced Remediation, Simulation:

Addresses current threats and future vulnerabilities With customizable remediation workflows, security playbooks, and attack simulation features.

Streamlined Operational Efficiency:

Enhance real-time analysis and rapid response capabilities with inbuilt digital forensics and continuous monitoring capabilities.

Unlock Actionable Insights with ProACT MXDR’s Interactive Dashboards

Maximize Security Investment Value with ProACT MXDR

3X reduction in cost when opting for an MXDR solution.

15% - 20% reduction in false positives with advanced threat detection

Strategic shift from Capex to OPEX expenditure

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Unlock Actionable Insights with ProACT MXDR’s Interactive Dashboards

Executive dashboard: your one-stop view of all things critical

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