Application Penetration Testing

Scalable services, on-demand delivery and a flexible model for end-to-end
application security.

Identify application vulnerabilities to reduce
risks and maintain compliance

With rapid acceleration in incidents of data exposure and compromise, there is a need to have stronger and robust testing mechanisms. Our 3-pronged approach helps you spot security glitches, analyze the risk and fix the flaws.
  • EvaluateAssess applications against OWASP standards and Web Application Security Risks with in-house testing methodologies.
  • Examine Conduct an in-depth analysis of back-end services, encryption protocols and source code, to assess effectiveness of controls.
  • Ensure Adhere to best practices with both static and dynamic assessment of applications on the web, Android and iOS platforms.
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Our robust methodology for application penetration testing is compliant with global industry standards and frameworks

Avail a comprehensive portfolio of application penetration testing services, for both client-side and server-side risks

Static analysis

  • Reverse engineer the app to extract source code
  • Analysis based on CERT secure code standards
  • Identify vulnerabilities in code, data flow and buffer handling

Dynamic analysis

  • Installation of application on actual devices
  • Conduct test attacks to check security
  • Observe the behavior of the app to identify potential risks

Client-side activities

  • App de-compilation
  • Validate certificates and signatures
  • Check cryptography
  • Test control over sensitive information
  • Check for unintentional data transmission

Server-side activities

  • Check for server configuration errors
  • Identify loopholes in server code or scripts
  • Test for known vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the probability of hacker attacks

Our risk-based and all-inclusive approach helps you classify critical vulnerabilities and uncover gaps across the application environment

Requirement Analysis

Gathering the information to define test goals.

Threat Identification

In-depth assessment to determine the attack surface.

Vulnerability Evaluation

Understanding application’s response to intrusions.


Attacks performed to target application weaknesses.


Mitigation strategies to diminish vulnerabilities.


Stepwise description of the complete application penetration testing process.

Why choose SISA for application penetration testing?

As a global leader in payment security, audit and testing solutions, we have served 2,000+ global clients, across industries. Our in-depth expertise in application security testing can help you secure your infrastructure.
  • Advanced application testing infrastructure A hi-tech application security testing laboratory combined with proprietary testing methods and our global security expertise that delivers high-quality solutions to meet evolving security requirements.
  • Multi-platform solutions An in-house developed methodology with offsite application penetration testing abilities, we have solutions for all major form factors and applications across mobile technology.
  • End-to-end support Strong expertise to assist you from design phase to release testing that incorporates proactive security at every stage of the application development lifecycle.
  • Source code review capabilities With 10+ years of expertise in source code review, we assist in identifying coding errors, design flaws, and logic glitches at early stages to avoid re-work.
  • CERT Empanelled and ASV We are accredited as a PCI QSA, PA QSA, PCI ASV, P2PE-QSA, PFI and VISA Approved PCI PIN Security Assessor. Also, as a CERT empanelled organization, we are a leading authority on Application Penetration audits.

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