Application Penetration Testing

With blurring lines between secure and exposed data, there is a need to have a greater and agiler security infrastructure

Why the need of Application Penetration Testing?

Mobile and web technology has grown exponentially and witnessed a massive rise in the user-base over the last few years. Applications store and process a spectrum of critical information ranging from credit card data, intellectual property to medical records. This sensitive information can easily be targeted by malicious attackers.

Application Penetration Testing evaluates an application and its security along with a vast pool of application threat vectors to identify inherent vulnerabilities while ensuring a secure state of the application in use.

How SISA can help?

SISA has strong capabilities in mobile and web app testing domain. SISA evaluates applications against OWASP Mobile Top 10 and Web Application Security Risks combined with in-house developed testing methodologies by our learned experts over time.

We evaluate inherent vulnerabilities, back-end services, encryption technologies, secure transmission, source code review, data leakage to name a few.

Our Approach

SISA powers the world’s best digital security experience

SISA’s application security tests ensure that best practices are followed. We evaluate both server side and client side risks. We have expertise in both Android, iOS platform and web application. We conduct both static and dynamic analysis.

Our client side activities include: app de-compilation, validating certificates and signatures, checking cryptography, checking handling of sensitive information and checking for unintentional data transmission. Our server-side activities comprise of checking server configuration errors, finding loopholes in server code or scripts, testing for known vulnerabilities and reducing the probability of hacker attacks.

During static analysis our expert reverse engineer your app to extract the source code. Then they conduct extensive source code analysis based on CERT secure coding standards and identify any vulnerabilities. During dynamic analysis, we install your app on actual devices and conduct test attacks to test the security of your app.

Static tests help evaluate application at rest. They help us identify vulnerabilities associated with how code runs on devices, data flow, buffer handling, etc. With the help of dynamic testing tools, we can observe the behaviour of the app on actual devices to identify potential issues.

Our comprehensive testing may reveal gaps such as vulnerability to attacks, insecure use of cryptography, improper session management, unauthorized access, SQL/Command injection, server misconfigurations, backdoor and debug options, insecure passwords, sensitive information leaks etc.

Once the comprehensive testing is done, we provide a final report that details out any security or service problems discovered, along with proposed solutions to close the gaps and improve application security.

Why work with SISA?

SISA is a global leader in payment security, audit and testing solutions. Having served 2,000+ clients across domains, industries and geographies, we bring in depth and breadth of expertise that helps you secure your infrastructure. Some of the highlights of our capabilities are:

Advanced Application Testing Infrastructure

We have a sophisticated mobile application security testing environment, coupled with our security expertise. This helps us deliver world-class app security solutions to our clients.

Multi-platform solutions

With our in-house developed testing methodology, we have solutions for all major form factors and applications across mobile technology.

End-to-end support

Our team brings in strong expertise coupled with years of experience in the information security industry. We handhold you from design phase to release testing, incorporating proactive security at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Source code review capabilities

SISA with over the years of expertise on source code review will assist you in identifying coding errors, design flaws, logic glitches at early stages, preventing re-work.

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