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Unified Platform

Centralizes security data on a single dashboard for superior visibility and streamlined alerts, simplifying the management of complex threats.

Technology Agnostic

Enhances cybersecurity by integrating with leading technologies such as CASB, CWPP, CSPM, IAM, UEBA, and more, and using plug-and-play APIs to strengthen defenses without replacing existing systems.

AI/ML Powered

Leverages cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms for proactive threat detection, coupled with deep and dark web monitoring for early threat detection and internet monitoring, ensuring proactive defense against unseen risks

Automated Response

Combines incident response and forensics on one platform, automating remediation and accelerating threat resolution with customizable workflows

Investment Protection

Boosts the value of current security investments, offering compatibility with existing legacy SIEM systems for enhanced threat detection without operational disruption.

Superior Threat Detection

Utilizes a mix of cutting-edge technology, analytics, and intelligence to detect and respond to threats across IT, OT, and IoT, ensuring comprehensive security.

SISA – DSCI Whitepaper

MXDR – A New Paradigm for Cyber Defense

Learn how CISOs can orchestrate a symphony of cybersecurity tools with MXDR, turning complex challenges into a harmonious, competitive advantage for organizations.

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