SISA Ransomware Prevention Services

Helping you Prevent, Protect and Defend against Ransomware attacks!

The average cost of recovering from a ransomware attack is $1.85 million.

Continuous Preparation and Learning are key to strengthen defenses.
SISA Ransomware Prevention Services has it all!

SISA offers a two-pronged approach of continuous improvement and continuous learning to help organizations prevent ransomware attacks

Ransomware Prevention Audit & Simulation

Assess your current state of readiness, identify security gaps and take preventive actions.

Ransomware Prevention Learning Session

Apply industry best practices and forensic-driven learnings to secure against ransomware.

SISA’s Ransomware Prevention Audit: The power to prevent; the precision to act

The audit is performed using NIST framework to meet the industry best practices from across the world. Our team will conduct a detailed review and evaluation of key security controls of your infrastructure including Active Directory, Database, Endpoints and Emails.

SISA’s 4-step Ransomware Prevention Audit is modelled to give you a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, identify gaps and highlight areas of improvement​

Security Infrastructure Audit

Red Teaming

Review of Incident Response Plan

Review of Data Backup & Recovery Procedures

And that’s not all. A full-fledged audit will enable you to establish business continuity, maintain compliance, and build resilience.​

Test the robustness of your systems and shore up your ransomware preparedness

SISA’s multi-layered simulation exercise evaluates the effectiveness of your organization’s security controls and operational capabilities in responding to and recovering from a ransomware incident.

With SISA’s Ransomware Simulation exercise, you get a hands-on, live experience on how to successfully detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

SISA Ransomware Prevention Learning Session: Beat the attackers at their own game.

Improve your awareness of adversary tactics at both the operational and strategic level. Through an exclusive, interactive, one-on-one session that helps you think like them and learn from their moves.

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