Ransomware Prevention Services

Helping you Prevent, Protect and Defend against Ransomware attacks!
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The average cost of recovering from a
ransomware attack.

  • Continuous Preparation and Learning are key to strengthen defenses.
  • SISA Ransomware Prevention Services has it all!

SISA’s two-pronged approach of continuous improvement and learning helps organizations prevent ransomware attacks

Ransomware Prevention Audit & Simulation

Assess your current state of readiness, identify security gaps and take preventive actions.

Ransomware Prevention Learning Session

Apply industry best practices and forensic-driven learnings to secure against ransomware.

SISA’s Ransomware Prevention Audit:
The power to prevent; the precision to act

The audit is performed using NIST framework to meet the industry best practices from across the world. Our team will conduct a detailed review and evaluation of key security controls of your infrastructure including Active Directory, Database, Endpoints and Emails.
SISA’s 4-step Ransomware Prevention Audit is modelled to give you a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, identify gaps and highlight areas of improvement​

Security Infrastructure Audit

Red Teaming

Review of Incident Response Plan

Review of Data Backup & Recovery Procedures

And that’s not all. A full-fledged audit will enable you to establish
business continuity, maintain compliance, and build resilience.​

Ensure Continuous Operations

  • Minimize business disruption in case of an attack.
  • Reduce downtime caused due to ransomware attacks.

Meet compliance and best practices

  • Improve ransomware readiness policies and procedures.
  • Impart best training practices for all employees.

Build resilience

  • Integrate threat intelligence into your security strategy.
  • Identify areas of improvement and devise methods to counter.

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Ransomware Simulation Exercise

SISA’s multi-layered simulation exercise evaluates the effectiveness of your organization’s security controls and operational capabilities in responding to and recovering from a ransomware incident.

With SISA’s Ransomware Simulation exercise, you get a hands-on, live experience on how to successfully detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

What does it cover?
SISA’s Ransomware Simulation exercise covers Ingress, Persistent & Lateral Movement simulation at three layers: Endpoints, Networks, and Servers to offer holistic protection to your entire infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of the strength of current infrastructure and promptness of the response system
  • Testing of the infrastructure across the entire lifecycle of a ransomware attack
  • Simulation of real-world attempts by ransomware attackers, the baits used, and awareness of the employees
Benefits of Ransomware Simulation Exercise
  • Create a Process Audit for recovering from a Ransomware Attack
  • Build a prioritized remediation plan to minimize recovery time
  • Understand the effectiveness of your current security infrastructure and its responsiveness
  • Get actionable insights on areas of improvement

SISA Ransomware Prevention Learning Session:
Beat the attackers at their own game.

Improve your awareness of adversary tactics at both the operational and strategic level. Through an exclusive, interactive, one-on-one session that helps you think like them and learn from their moves.
Topics covered

An exclusive, interactive one-on-one session tailored for the security leadership suite. These sessions draw on SISA’s forensic learnings to create awareness on the risks of ransomware, its impact and best practices for business continuity amidst a breach.

  • Understand how Ransomware gangs operate
  • Learn how Ransomware Attacks Work
  • Define the scope of your defense perimeter
  • Establish guidelines and best practices to follow
What can you take away from it?
  • Guidelines to prepare against and prevent cyber attacks
  • Rulebook to detect anomalies and probable compromises with appropriate action
  • Measures for swift and improved containment and eradication
  • Guidance to mitigate risk and reduce recovery times
  • Steps to make an incident response plan

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