Advanced Threat Hunting Services

An applied Forensics based, reverse-engineered threat hunting solution on an integrated platform for advanced persistent threat detection that puts streams of logs and alerts into context.

The intelligence to detect sooner. The context to respond effectively

Threat Intel Processor

The Threat Hunting Engine has subscription to 60+ threat feed sources and accesses SISA’s Forensic investigations to identify the latest threat vectors.

Data Ingestion Pipeline

Using the NLM feature, Autogrokking engine autodetects, analyses, normalizes, and structures the raw log data. The log enrichment module translates log data into human readable format and adds metadata for effective and accurate analysis.

Forensic Grade Threat Hunting

Forensics-based intelligence is used in threat hunting as our analysts are trained in forensic investigation techniques and frameworks.

Detect threats like a needle in a haystack

The Log Monitoring and Threat Hunting service by SISA is based on a unified dashboarding and analytics platform that puts streams of logs and alerts into context with a truly risk-focused monitoring solution enabling businesses to advance freely and safely.

Detect and guard against malicious external threats and internal vectors which can be near real-time.

Make your log management compliant with legal and business regulations.

Take advantage of advanced log parsing, log enrichment and categorization to proactively index threat-related events.

Experience unparalleled context in alerting and ticketing via correlation-based threat monitoring.

Get alerts from wide range of sources; DNS Anomaly engine, Netflow threat engine and Web logs anomaly engine.

Instantly reconstruct timelines of the breached systems with log based reverse engineering process.

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