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While accepting payments through credit cards, protecting the user’s data is extremely important. Therefore, PCI DSS standard is widely used to provide an actionable framework for detecting, preventing and managing security incidents. In order to reduce the risk of compromise of cardholder data, and be PCI DSS compliant, companies can use PCI SAQ. Payment Card Industry Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) is validation tool that helps merchants and service providers accepting credit/debit card payments to self-evaluate their level of compliance with respect to PCI DSS, through simple questionnaires.

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire needs to be filled every year by merchants/service providers and submitted to their acquiring bank or payment brand. There are multiple versions of the SAQ for different types of scenarios. The questions and length of the questionnaire depend on the company’s functioning and how credit card information is handled.

There are 2 components of PCI SAQ

Questions related to PCI DSS requirements, based on suitability for different environments

Attestation of Compliance: this includes a declaration of eligibility for SAQ and the results of a PCI DSS self-assessment.

Why complete PCI SAQ?

Whenever a transaction occurs via credit card, PCI DSS comes into play. Merchants and service providers often handle, process and transmit financial data of cardholders and therefore proper guidelines must be followed all the time. Choosing the right SAQ is vital and this choice is guided by many factors. Different SAQs are available and each type deals with a particular payment scenario. Organizations should recognize their transaction type and choose the questionnaire accordingly. Different organizations have different volumes of card transactions and that is why self-assessment is more important than a generalized audit. If the right kind of SAQ is not chosen, the company becomes vulnerable to severe data breaches. The compliance can also become invalid due to incorrect submissions.

There are various types of SAQ’s

SAQ A: Some merchants outsource the entire processing function of the cardholder data and they possess no information at all. SAQ A is perfect for them and it offers the necessary validation.

SAQ B: Applicable to merchants, who receive payments by using standalone terminals.

SAQ C: This usually applies to small merchants using the out-of-the-box software on a standalone machine for taking individual payments.

SAQ P2PE: Applicable to merchants and service providers that have P2PE terminals

SAQ D: SAQD encompasses the full set of over 200 requirements and covers the entirety of the PCI DSS and applies to anyone who does not qualify for any of the other SAQ’s

In addition, there are variations to the above, such as SAQ A-EP, SAQ B-IP, SAQ C-VT.

SISA in order to ensure that organizations complete the SAQ correctly offers a service called Facilitated Self-Assessment Questionnaire (F-SAQ).

A qualified QSA such as SISA can facilitate the SAQ process for you by helping to determine the appropriate SAQ for the company and to guide you through the process until the submission of Attestation of Compliance.

Why work with SISA?

SISA specializes in payment security and we have a presence in as many as 35+ countries. Our expertise is not limited to just one sector or industry. We handle a diverse group of disciplines and give quality service to each one of them. From banking and e-commerce to healthcare and retail, cutting-edge solutions are provided to our clients. Customers are guaranteed to get specialized services since payment security is a niche field. At SISA, we focus on security and not just compliance. Our expert professionals are ready to deal with your queries and offer the feasible solutions that will keep organizations secure and cost-effective at the same time.

SISA powers the world’s best digital security experience

Our Facilitated SAQ (F-SAQ) program is designed to give you many advantages

We make it a simple process and handle the compliance for you.

We determine your present posture and thoroughly analyze the different approaches. There are different mandates for PCI DSS and we measure each parameter

We facilitate easy understanding of compliance requirements. We help you interpret the questions correctly and answer them effectively.

We analyze the submitted answers and shares the qualification parameters with you.

SISA’s F-SAQ program has helped various merchants and service providers to effortlessly complete SAQ and most importantly avoid breaches.

Our approach

We maintain an effective framework for information security and assess the risks proactively:

We provide the basics required for PCI DSS the and assist customers in choosing the right SAQ applicable to the nature of their business

Based on the SAQ applicability, related security controls are decided and scope for assessment gets finalized

We prioritize the assets that interact directly with cardholder’s sensitive data. The comprehensive identification helps in developing a better security strategy.

Our team analyzes the different threat vectors and reviews the dangerous risk scenarios.

SISA’s professionals develop a specialized “Remediation Plan” which has a list of the remedial actions to achieve total PCI compliance.

Our deliverables for F-SAQ include:

Completed SAQ Document

Online certificate link and HTML code to give security assurance to their customers.

Getting Started

Information assets are priceless and attacks against them must be stopped proactively. At SISA, we help your brand in securing PCI compliance and preventing fraud losses and brand erosion. Doing an effective SAQ can help in preventing fines and disastrous data breaches. It can also help boost boosting operational efficiency, as the procedures are already documented.

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