Application Penetration Testing

Application penetration testing identifies exploitable susceptibilities in software and applications before any hacker discovers and exploits them.
Application Penetration Testing is the methodology of assessing the security position of an application infrastructure by simulating malicious user behaviour. Vulnerabilities in an application can result in leaking of intellectual property data, client data and other crucial intellectual and financial data.
This kind of evaluation is an attack simulation performed by highly skilled and proficient security team in order to

Find the application security flaws present in the settings

Comprehend the level of risk for your company

Help in addressing and fixing the identified flaws in applications

How SISA Can Help

SISA’s application penetration testing reveals vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access to critical and sensitive data. With the help of its proprietary testing methods, internationally trained security services team and hi-tech application penetration testing laboratories (TSS labs), SISA helps its clients avoid a breach of data.
Our Technical Security Services provide high-quality support and services

By classifying, assessing and ranking remediation to diminish the risks, SISA empowers organizations all over the world to protect them against cyber hackers and fraudsters.

SISA has offered its expertise and solutions to banking and financial entities, E-commerce companies, government entities, technology services providers, and other companies across domains. Our expertise in application penetration testing helps secure our clients’ application infrastructure.

Our skilled consultants yield answers and results in written reports

Because of our advanced penetration tests, our clients will be able to view their applications through the perspective of a hacker and also a skilled developer. We help you identify the key areas which you can improve upon to maintain your security position.

Our skilled consultants yield answers and results in written reports. They also provide our clients with guidance which is essential to effectively remediate any problems that are found during the tests.

SISA Approach

SISA’s application penetration testing services follow a risk-based and all-inclusive approach to classify the crucial application-centric vulnerabilities and susceptibilities that are present in all the in-scope applications.

Our Testing procedure includes following steps:

Requirement Analysis

Threat Identification

Vulnerability Evaluation




SISA follows this industry-standard approach to come up with a comprehensive methodology which takes care of all the industry best security standards.

SISA uses many commercial tools to perform a thorough real-world evaluation. Besides these commercial tools, we also use many tools that hackers utilize for every evaluation. Several internally developed tools are used too. Our main objective is to evaluate systems by replicating a real-world data breach. To perform this task, we utilize the tools we have at our service.

The SISA Advantage

SISA is a global leader in security and assessments
We have authorized assessor for various security standards and are accredited as a PCI QSA, PA QSA, PCI ASV, P2PE-QSA, PFI and VISA Approved PCI PIN Security Assessor, allowing all to combine and leverage our experience in this domain. Here are some key features that help us stand out from the competition:
All-Embracing Solutions Environment

Our Application testing services include a wide range of security tests and solutions provide value to the client by offering personalised methods and technologies to meet security requirements.

Beneficial Reporting for the Clients

SISA’s Pen-test report shows an up-to-date, informative insight into how any vulnerabilities in a client’s company affect the entire business. Our Reports concentrate the information gathered to pinpoint the key risk areas. Once the key risk areas have been identified, the remediation can be prioritized so the decision-making process can be efficient.

Offsite Penetration Testing Abilities

Our contemporary and advanced penetration testing laboratory allow consultants to carry out remote penetration testing to prevent any extra costs and time which might be incurred for the commute.

CERT Empanelled and ASV

SISA is approved as both a scanning vendor (PCI ASV) and a CERT Empanelled organization. We are authorized to conduct Application Penetration audits.

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