Translate your unstructured sensitive
data into actionable insights with
SISA Radar - Data Classification tool

Unmatched speed, unquestionable accuracy and unparallel support to help you secure your
data management needs.

Data Classification Tool helps organizations simplify
the process of retaining or removing the data.

  • Efficiently classify the unstructured sensitive data.
  • Determine the levels of severity for each of the data set identified.
  • Implement stringent data security policies to facilitate better data protection.
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4 in-built sensitivity data levels for GDPR & PII data classification

  • Identify and classify 350+ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to help organizations adhere to data privacy compliance standards such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPS, APRA and POPIA.
  • Create and customize your own data classification schemes based on your organizational needs and data security policies.





Why SISA Radar for data classification?

  • SISA Radar’s data classification engine is developed with an in-house algorithm, built after years of experience and research.
  • Includes state-of-the-art features such as AI/ML, Named Entity Recognizer, and OCR capabilities to help streamline the process of data classification.
  • The workflows and classification schemes defined in SISA Radar help organizations conduct seamless classification activities with optimum CPU usage and set effective data security policies.

Analyse the risk of storing sensitive data and implement better
data protection policies with SISA Radar.

Gain better visibility of sensitive data across cloud and on-premise. Set up the right data protection policies with SISA Radar’s classification suite. Visualize the data paths along with the criticality of sensitive data to identify the appropriate remediation measures.

Customize the definitions and labels as per the organization’s nomenclature and classification.

Select between customized, new or standard criticality types as defined in SISA Radar.

Refine and finetune the classification by adding relevant keywords and applying status filters

Highlights of SISA Radar - Data Classification Tool

  • Understand, analyze and get deeper insights about the data used, stored, and transmitted through one single platform.
  • Refine and structure the identification of sensitive information, new resources and new threats to organization’s data.
  • Gain a deeper insight into the critical locations across the network that require additional security controls to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Strengthen organization’s DLP strategies and make data security policies more effective.

A verified product on Gartner, SISA Radar has been rated
5 stars and recommended by 100% of our customers from
diverse industries and geographies.

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Highest rated data classification tool on Gartner peer insights

Recommended 100% by existing users

Role: Infrastructure and Operations

Industry: Banking
“Good Data Discovery and Classification Build for Windows and Linux Endpoints And Servers.”

Role: Security and Risk Management

Industry: IT Services
“Our clients in Africa are satisfied with the SISA Radar, the data discovery tool, which helped to identify challenges and offered top-class compliance solutions like the PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and others.”

Role: Security and Risk Management

Industry: Professional Services
“SISA Radar Is A Great Product For Use In Our CDE And Helped Us Be PCI compliant.”

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