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SISA monogram in White

Managed Detection and Response
Powered by Forensic Intelligence

Insights to Prevent. Data & Analytics to Detect. Expertise to Respond.

Forensics-driven Managed Detection and Response service to prevent, detect and respond to threats

SISA ProACT Managed Detection and Response goes beyond traditional solutions that work on rules and signatures. Our MDR solution is powered by forensic intelligence to enable context-aware detection and response.

  • Prevent Through advanced threat hunting guided by threat intel feeds from 70+ sources and daily actionable threat advisories, you can fortify your defences and prevent attacks.
  • Detect With 24/7/365 log monitoring, User Entity Behaviour Analytics, and MITRE ATT&CK based detection, you can gain greater visibility for advanced persistent threat detection.
  • Respond Through managed forensics investigation and incident response, you can contain and remediate threats before they inflict damage.
SISA monogram in White

A fully managed MDR service delivered by SISA’s Dedicated Team of Blue Guardians

Our SOC analysts with an average of 15+ years of experience in threat hunting techniques are a critical component of our MDR solution. Armed with forensic learnings and latest threat intelligence, they are adept in identifying and responding to security threats.

24x7x365 detection and response

Hybrid deployment models covering on-prem and cloud

Elite team of threat researchers and investigators

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Get the forensics-driven advantage with SISA ProACT MDR solution

Visualize the state of enterprise security, reduce alert fatigue, and increase threat visibility

Enabled by our in-house developed ML algorithm and use case factory, SISA’s MDR solution offers a comprehensive
approach to reduce false positives, accelerate time to detection and lower response time.

Dynamic UI for real-time threat alerts

Enhanced by the integration of MITRE Tactics and Techniques, this dynamic visual interface empowers you with real-time insights into security alerts.

Rich use cases library for enhanced threat detection

With over 1,500+ carefully crafted instances, addressing a wide range of network security incidents, this amplifies and empowers our threat detection capabilities.

360° visibility into the operational metrics

Designed for Information Security Managers, this intuitive dashboard provides insights into triggered use cases and device statuses, offering a comprehensive view of operational health.

Executive dashboard for critical insights

Stay on top of your organization’s security health and posture with Executive dashboard. Tailored for the C-Suite, this intuitive dashboard provides instant access to real-time insights, trends, and critical instances.

Why choose SISA ProACT for
Managed Detection and Response?

Forensics-driven Incident Detection and Threat Hunting

Recognized as one of the top 4 global payment forensics investigators (PFIs), Inputs from our Forensics engagements are converted into Detection use cases and Threat Hunting hypotheses

1,500+ Use cases in Library

Our SIEM Use Cases are aligned with MITRE ATT&CK framework and Sigma open standards

Automated Response

Our SOAR module uses ML models for prioritized threat detection and automated response, improving mean time to respond significantly

Actionable Threat Intelligence

1.5 million threat values from live forensic analysis, 70+Threat Intel feeds integrated into our Platform combined with actionable daily Threat Intel Advisories offer deeper insights on adversaries

SISA Training Institute

Client Teams trained on incident response & containment through our in house trainings and CIDR workshops designed and executed by SISA training Institute

IR and Forensic Support

Our MDR services also cover our flagship Incident Response and Forensic services

16+ years of Experience in Payment Industry

As a leading forensic investigator in Payment Industry, we leverage our learnings of breach investigations to improve our
preventive and detective security solutions.


An MDR solution with turnkey integration and scalability to accelerate time to value

SISA ProACT is a scalable solution that supports all platforms and deployment architectures including on-premises, cloud, co-location, and hybrid cloud deployments. Our MDR solutions facilitate faster integration with enterprise network components and scale rapidly to help you accelerate time to value.

SISA ProACT Managed Detection and Response by the Numbers


Reduction in false positives


Improvement in detection


Reduction in mean time to respond


SISA ProACT is a PCI-compliant cloud-based solution that can be used to monitor any infrastructure securely from the cloud.


SISA ProACT can also be deployed on-premise to meet your local legal requirements and internal compliance.

Our MDR Services are flexible, customizable and easy on your budgets!

  • Whether you are looking for a preventive cyber security solution or a comprehensive, multi-layered defense, SISA ProACT has everything in it to meet your requirement.
  • Pay for what you need.
  • We understand that each organization’s requirements, devices and volumes are different.
  • You can choose between Standard, Advanced and Elite plans to meet your needs and volumes.
Service ProACT Standard ProACT Advanced ProACT Elite
Global 24X7X365 Monitoring
MITRE ATT&CK Framework-based Detection Rules
Automated Standard Reports
Threat Intel Advisories
Use Case Simulation
Customized Asset Integrations
Automated Response through SOAR
IR Services
Forensics Retainer Services
Audit Support
Customized Reports
CxO Ready Reports
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
Ransomware Simulation
Quarterly Management Review Meetings
Dedicated Relationship Manager

Recognized by industry analysts and endorsed by customers

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