SISA ProACT - Managed Detection and Response

SISA ProACT, a comprehensive platform combining intuitive security analytics dashboards, scalable virtual appliance and a proprietary all-in-one agent, provides an integrated monitoring platform and a unified incident response solution to help you strengthen your security posture.

Premium MDR Service to easily visualize the state of enterprise security

SISA ProACT, enabled by SISA’s in-house developed machine learning algorithm, provides a comprehensive approach to reduce the false positives and help companies get relief from alert fatigue situations.

Real-Time Visibility

Complete visibility into all malicious activities with real-time situational awareness for cyber-resilience. Intuitive navigation systems for incidents, exposures, health, and endpoint reports.

Preventive Incident Response

Aggregation and monitoring of logs with the SISA’s proprietary All-In-One Agent for preventive incident response of cyber threats.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proven deployment process with Virtualized Appliance components enabling security for 360° cross platform applications and digital assets deployed inside the enterprise network as well as third party applications.

Penetration Testing

Integrated, enterprise-grade dashboards enabling all levels of IT security and IT stakeholders to speed up the identification of latest threats and potential breaches.

Reports & Navigation System

Intuitive navigation systems for incidents, exposures, health, and endpoint reports.

The kind of MDR Service to help you act promptly

With SISA ProACT, instantly navigate to view alerts and incidents, prioritize and address specific threats for quick remediation.

Combine people, application layers, and IT infrastructure on one platform for a better threat visibility.

Bring about a comprehensive governance approach with SISA ProACT to enable real-time incident management.

Meet security audit scenarios or compliance requirements through analysis of historical data from multiple sources.

Real-time data collection and historical analysis of security events from a wide range of dynamic and contextual data sources.

Accelerate time to value with turnkey integration and scalability

SISA ProACT is a scalable solution that supports all platforms and deployment architectures including on-premises, cloud, co-location, and hybrid cloud deployments. Our MDR solutions facilitate faster integration with enterprise network components and scale rapidly to help you accelerate time to value.
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Reduction in alert volume
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Faster response to critical threats
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Reduction in security operations costs

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