SISA’s forensics-driven MDR solution helps Club Prophet improve monitoring of workloads on Google Cloud Platform

Club Prophet Software LLC (referred to as Club Prophet) is one of the leaders in fully integrated golf management software systems. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, Club Prophet now operates in over 1,700 golf facilities of all types and sizes in 16 countries and 9 languages.

Club Prophet was keen to focus on cybersecurity program to ensure compliance and improve monitoring of cloud environment. In particular, they were looking for a hybrid MFA-enabled MDR solution for their AWS environment (on-premises deployment), as well as a MDR solution hosted and managed by SISA (on SISA AWS), for monitoring Kubernetes workloads on their Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Secondly, they needed an asset integration mechanism for log forwarding from the GCP-hosted Kubernetes applications to SIEM server without deploying agents.


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