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With the help of its proprietary testing methods, professionally trained security services team and hi-tech security testing laboratories, SISA can help you secure your IoT ecosystem covering IoT applications, cloud APIs, backend servers, and communication protocols.

Take a risk-based approach and eliminate blind spots in your IoT ecosystem

Visualize all IoT assets and simulate the behavior of threat actors on your IoT ecosystem. With SISA, you can proactively detect threats and anomalies in your IoT applications and servers to remediate vulnerabilities. Our IoT security testing services are flexible to help you implement least-privilege access control for your IoT ecosystem and secure sensitive data.
Attack Surface Audit

Initially, we identify the complete attack surface of your IoT ecosystem including the network, applications, encryption, and servers to gauge vulnerabilities.

IoT Penetration Testing

We conduct IoT penetration testing across the various IoT layers to discover weaknesses in security controls for IoT components and transportation layer.

IoT Attack Simulation

We devise a fully integrated Red Team approach to conduct attack simulations on your IoT ecosystem and mimic real attacks to critical vulnerabilities.

SCADA/ICS Security Assessment

We additionally provide IT/OT security testing services for your IoT implementation to help you harden the physical and network security of your IoT-ICS system.

Reporting and Remediation

We generate concise and actionable IoT security testing reports to help you understand the level of risk and prioritize remediation activities.

IoT security testing for forward-looking companies

With SISA ProACT, instantly navigate to view alerts and incidents, prioritize and address specific threats for quick remediation.
Combine people, application layers, and IT infrastructure on one platform for a better threat visibility.
Bring about a comprehensive governance approach with SISA ProACT to enable real-time incident management.
Meet security audit scenarios or compliance requirements through analysis of historical data from multiple sources.
Real-time data collection and historical analysis of security events from a wide range of dynamic and contextual data sources.

IoT security testing for forward-looking companies

From advanced POS terminals for retail companies to critical infrastructure for banks and healthcare firms, we have secured some of the most important IoT projects and their sensitive data to help our customers comply with industry regulations and standards
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