SISA Radar - Data Discovery and Classification Tool

Helping organizations to improve data protection with data discovery, file analysis and classification.

Get 360° view of sensitive data across all environments with Data Discovery and Classification Tool

SISA Radar, the data discovery tool, helps to identify both structured and unstructured sensitive data within the network and enables the users to analyze, track and report on file content.

SISA Radar provides a remediation interface for the users to mask, truncate and/or delete the discovered data, therefore reducing a considerable amount of time and effort in getting compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, Aadhaar, and other PII Data regulations.

How SISA Radar help customers

Discover sensitive data across all major OS and database

Discover the scope, risk and opportunities associated with sensitive data

Identifying sensitive data across the organization’s network and on cloud infrastructure

Provides contextual information to improve organizational efficiency for sensitive data management

Key Features

Data Discovery

Scan 500+ file types including Image and Audio

Configured OS scanning

OCR Capability


Identify sensitive data across network and on cloud infrastructure

Data Classification

Data Classification & DSAR

Integrated AI and ML

99% Accuracy sensitive data identification

Integration with DLP solutions

Data Protection

Discover scope, risk and opportunities associated with sensitive data

Central Management Console

Interactive, Detailed reports

Remediate to mask, truncate, and delete discovered data

Regulatory Compliance

Categorize sensitive data according to major regulations

Classify PII and PCI data

Schedule scans based on regulatory requirements

Gain contextual information to improve compliance

Surface new perceptions and insights around the status of enterprise sensitive data security

Discover data across the complete enterprise network

From cloud to on-premises and across multiple operating systems, including all types of databases, discover sensitive data from the complete data ecosystem

Schedule scans based on regulatory requirements

Follow compliance guidelines for PCI DSS, RBI, GDPR, CCPA, and other PCI and PII data regulations by scheduling data discovery scans

Generate reports on status of sensitive data security

Generate interactive, detailed reports after completing scans to gauge accessibility and specific locations of sensitive data across the enterprise network

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