Elevating Communities through Skill Development

We’re turning people into their own best defense against cyber threats. We’re all part of this digital ecosystem, and by elevating our communities through skill development, we’re making it stronger and safer for everyone.

Our Three-Pronged Approach to Awareness, Education, Collaboration

01. Cybersecurity Training

To tackle the cybersecurity industry’s critical skills shortage head-on we have introduced our globally recognized ANAB certifications. Our initiative isn’t just about individual career progression; it’s about collectively raising the industry’s defense capabilities. By addressing the skills shortage with quality training and certifications, we’re aiming to do more than just fill job vacancies. We’re mobilizing a new generation of cybersecurity guardians, ready to protect and sustain the digital ecosystems that power our world.

10,500 certified professionals across 40+ countries


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02. Awareness for All

Cybersecurity isn’t just for tech wizards; it’s for everyone. That’s why we’re reaching out to the general public, offering practical insights on how to recognize and prevent cyber frauds. The more you know, the safer you are.

SISA and CySecK Partnership: Aligned with the Cyber Security Cell (CySecK) under the Ministry of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka, we’re spearheading multiple initiatives. These include:

Short-duration videos for general cybersecurity awareness

Curriculum supplementation programs (Bridge courses)

Faculty Development Programs for core cybersecurity faculty/ practitioners

Mentorship programs for emerging talent

03. School Partnerships

The next generation is our future, and we’re investing in them today. By collaborating with schools, we are elevating the cyber awareness quotient within the educational ecosystem, reaching both students and school administrations. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about shaping a smarter, safer future.

SISA launched ‘Cyber for YOUth’ in partnership with Data Security Council of India (DSCI). For students, it offers a deep dive into the online world, mixing interactive sessions with real-world examples to teach internet safety basics like safe browsing and two-factor authentication. School administrators aren’t left out either; our tailored program arms them with practical know-how on everything from device encryption to data backup. It’s helps understand the nuts and bolts of password management and keeping up with essential security updates.

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