PCI DSS Compliance

PCI compliance helps businesses to reduce and minimize the risk of their payment systems from getting breached and theft of cardholder data.

PCI DSS compliance is one of the most stringent and most coveted security standard in the industry today

It is applicable to any organization that accepts, stores, processes and/or transmits cardholder data. Whether you are a merchant, acquirer bank, credit card processor, payment card brand (such as Mastercard, VISA, JCB, American Express, Discover, Rupay, UnionPay, etc.) debit, credit or ATM cards issuer, financial institution, Independent Sales Organization (ISO), or an agent, PCI Compliance will be crucial for your business.

Why is it required?

Required Global Standard

While PCI DSS compliance is a required standard for any company that accepts, stores, processes and/or transmits cardholder data, yet there are certain differences in the requirements for each company based on its annual number of payment transactions which involves the cardholders physical card or card data. Depending on your business size and annual payment transactions, SISA can help you secure your business in the best possible manner.

Secure Payments are a must

The threat of cyber-attacks does not depend on the size of business but how easy it is to get into the systems. Just because it’s a small business and performs low numbers of card transactions, if your defenses are low, you may experience a breach that may result in the loss of customers’ trust and brand goodwill. You may even run the risk of going out of business. Therefore, you must secure your payment systems in a cost-effective yet reliable way to defend your transaction channels and your customers card data.

Sustainable security program

For large enterprises, there will be more specific compliance goals and a complex IT infrastructure. The enterprise will be required to implement PCI compliance, not as a one-time activity, but to create a sustainable compliance security program that involves detailed documentation, right tools, continuous planning and monitoring to secure and minimizing the breach.

PCI Compliance Journey

SISA powers the world’s best digital security experience

Pre-Assessment & Assessment Phase

Both SISA and the client initiate the project with a kick-off call, introducing respective project teams and laying down the process for the PCI DSS compliance.

Gap Analysis and Remediation Phase

During the gap analysis, SISA will perform an audit check of the scoped environment and share the action tracker with the client for remediation.

Onsite Audit and Certification

This is the final phase of the certification. Once the client shares all the evidence and confirms the closure of the gaps, the QSA performs an offsite review for satisfied controls and closures followed by an onsite visit for the final certification.

How SISA will help you to get PCI compliant?

We help your requirements

As an industry leader in payments security space, SISA can help you understand your requirements, assess your current state of compliance, identify gaps and threats, and supports you to remediate the gaps and risks in order to achieve the PCI Compliance.

A trusted partner

With over a decade of experience in the payment security space, SISA brings a rare depth of understanding and acts as a trusted partner to over 2000 customers in 40+ countries to secure their network and technology infrastructure in order to secure the cardholder data.

Diverse domains

SISA has worked to provide cutting-edge compliance services to a diverse industries and domains which includes banks, ITES, insurance, e-commerce, payment service providers, telecommunications, airlines and retail companies.

How to maintain PCI DSS Compliance?

While achieving PCI compliance is a good first step, maintaining the compliance by adhering to processes and standards at all times is absolutely critical. Below are some of the task that needs to be performed on a quarterly or half-yearly basis in order to maintain the PCI certification.

Perform ASV

Perform Penetration Testing

Run data discovery tool to discover card data in plain text

Train the professionals

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