Forensics-driven Cybersecurity Solutions for Digital Payments

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Digital transformation is opening doors to newer and evolving threats.

Compliant organizations are getting breached, despite investments in advanced technology and increasing cyber spends.

Fueling your digital journey requires
Forensics-driven Cybersecurity.

Welcome to SISA.

Our problem-first, human-centric approach combines the power of forensic intelligence with advanced technology, to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and drive business growth.

Delivering True Security through end-to-end solutions across data protection, managed detection and response (MDR), compliance and training.

It’s not just about detecting breaches. We help you identify sensitive data, proactively respond to incidents, and empower your security teams to enhance future preparedness.


Set up processes to secure data, manage network configuration baselines and operations to fix system components in a timely manner with Compliance and Testing Services


Gain full visibility of your digital and physical assets and understand your current risks and exposure with
Data Discovery & Classification


Outsmart threats with our Training Programs


In the event of a cyber incident, eradicate the incident and incorporate lessons learned into revised response strategies with Incident Response and Forensics solutions


Take appropriate action to detect cybersecurity incidents quickly with our Continuous monitoring and Threat Hunting solutions

Forensics-driven Cybersecurity powered by human ingenuity.

SISA’s 4D approach to Forensics-driven Cybersecurity

SISA’s 4-step approach to Forensics-driven Cybersecurity
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Industry-proven solutions backed by practitioners’ insights to deliver uncompromised security.

Our three-pronged approach combines the right tools and expertise to deliver measurable results, drive business growth, and create value in a meaningful way.
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Help establish a clearly defined set of results that align with overall enterprise security goals.
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Elevate the security function from a passive cost centre to business growth enabler.
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Work with CISOs to drive and execute strategic priorities without compromising security posture.

Why the leading global brands work with SISA.

digital brain

Expansive knowledge base

16+ years of cumulative experience as a leading global payments forensic investigator, translating into trusted intelligence and proactive security.

technical support

Fanatic support

Deep sense of commitment, proactive and super-responsive support, and a collaborative mindset helping clients secure their businesses and ecosystem.

compliant accreditation

Industry accreditation

Long-standing association with PCI SSC and industry recognition by CREST, CERT-In and SWIFT serving as a testament of our skill, knowledge and competence.


Success Stories

SISA helps a GCC bank meet PCI compliance and improve security posture

A leading Indian private sector bank secures sensitive data with SISA Radar

credit card payment processing on POS device

A leading fintech wins the secure card payments battle

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Avoid being the next cyberattack headline.

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