A leading Indian private sector bank achieves compliance and secures sensitive data with SISA Radar

An India-based banking and financial services company was facing multiple challenges including manual deployment of agents and an increased number of false positives while scanning its extensive network environment. After examining POCs of more than six data discovery vendors, the private sector bank sought SISA’s assistance to scan its dynamic environment with data scattered across 10,000+ targets including servers, endpoints, and databases.

SISA Radar – SISA’s Data Discovery and Classification tool automated the agent deployment process for all the machines and completed the scans with minimum hardware requirements. With an optimized algorithm and AI & ML integration, SISA Radar also helped the bank optimize the scans, improve data accuracy, and take quick remediation actions on the discovered data.

By choosing SISA Radar to execute the scanning process, the bank successfully met the PCI DSS Compliance requirements as well as RBI guidelines. The bank was able to identify sensitive data across the environment and prevent the risk of exposure to card data in multiple files.


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Case Study - Leading Indian private bank achieves compliance secures data
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