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Hundreds of Millions of people globally, use their digital mode to make payments on a daily basis. The security of payment data is of utmost importance not only to the customer or vendor but the entire payment ecosystem. Any breach or theft results in a domino effect which severely impacts all the stakeholders of the system from customers to merchants to financial institutions.

Merchants and financial institutions lose their credibility, and their customers suffer from paranoia and loss of confidence resulting in them shifting to competitors. This adversely impacts sales and subsequently higher costs related to legal settlements, fines and penalties, compliances and so on.

Hence, data breaches lead to reputational damage, which is more than the loss of data itself.

Who is a PCI Forensic Investigator?

PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs) are those who are qualified to carry out investigations related to data infringement and data compromise in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) networks. Supported by a strong relationship with the law enforcement, these investigations are conducted within the financial industry with the help of certain established tools and methods.

SISA is an approved PFI Assessor with vast experience in providing Payment Security services, products, and training. SISA has been authorized as assessor for various Payment Standards and is registered as not only as a PFI, but also as 2PE-QSA, PA-QSA, PCI ASV, PCI QSA, and as a Security Assessor for PCI PIN, approved by VISA.

Why you need PFI Services?

Payment security is of utmost importance for every financial institution, merchant, or any other entity which transmits, processes, or stores payment data.

Organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to data breaches. Larger sized organizations, including merchants and financial institutions, tend to have expensive and fairly substantial security measures in place but also have a larger infrastructure to protect. They also have a large amount of data and hence incentivize the bad guys to hack. For smaller organizations, they may not have robust security processes or infrastructure.

As an approved PFI, SISA can help you investigate and manage payment security breaches. Even if you suspect no breach, SISA can help you with a detailed investigation and give you an assessment report in line with PFI guidelines. This will help you in mitigating possible vulnerabilities and preventing a breach altogether.

Why choose SISA as your PFI?

SISA is an approved PFI Assessor and is registered as an authorized PCI Forensic Investigator by PCI Security Standards Council.
All Payment Brands and most central banks across the world have worked with SISA on forensic investigations.
SISA has the unique combination of payment security expertise and deep forensics knowledge.
SISA has been accredited with solving and containing some of the most sophisticated attacks that have taken place in the payment world.
SISA has a dedicated payment forensics team which response to any incidents within 48 hours.

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