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As online transactions increase their reach and penetration throughout the world today, hackers are perpetually working towards breaching a company’s security measures to protect its assets and that of its customers. To ensure the safety of people from such serious and persistent threats, strict measures should be taken. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the leaders and managers of the companies to comprehend their current standing, identify the exposure points and manage any security risks so as to protect themselves from harm. SISA offers three services under its Risk Assessment portfolio, all of which are invaluable in helping organizations bolster their security measures against invasive threats:

PCI Risk Assessment, Facilitated Risk Assessment, and Breach Risk Assessment .

What is PCI Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment, as required in the PCI DSS, is a formal process used by organizations to identify threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the security of cardholder data. Before any entity initiates PCI Compliance, it has to fulfil the requirements of a formal risk assessment. The PCI DSS Risk Assessment Guidelines provide an approach to analyze the existing security posture of the environment, to deal with the current problems, and to identify the things that could go wrong in the future, since the risks are dynamic in nature- what is applicable today might be rendered irrelevant tomorrow.

The objective of the PCI risk assessment activity is to remove any blind spots and impart clarity through proper threat analysis. Based on the threat intelligence, the customer will be provided with actionable insights that will best suit his/her environment.

What Are The Requirements for PCI Risk Assessment?

These are the mandatory requirements to be met with PCI DSS standard

Assessment is to be done annually, or in any case that involves significant changes being made to card data environment

It should protect from any threats that could surface in the future

It should identify any vulnerabilities and threats to both primary and secondary critical assets

The outcome of PCI risk assessment should be well documented with all the risks identified during assessment

It should have a proper risk mitigation or treatment plan to deal with any emergency

A thorough assessment is to be conducted before outsourcing any portion of the business’ CDE to any third party and take into account the impact it could have on the organization and the credit/debit card information

It should provide a clear situation of the biggest area of weaknesses and the most probable ways through which the weakness can be exploited by a potential threat creator

The Assessment inventory should cover all payment channels including all the assets which can directly or indirectly impact the security of CDE.

What We Do?

We help you identify the precarious risks involved with PCI data and the impact it will have on you if the security is severed in any case

In case you have already met with circumstances jeopardizing your security, our industry experts, who are a part of the PCI industry, will effectively help you to mitigate the situation

We handle the scanning and testing product complexity. We also help our clients overcome any resource constraints and in-house security skill shortage

We provide a two-day Information Security Risk Assessment Workshop, to impart knowledge regarding the security measures, based on the following distinguished methodologies- NIST, OCTAVE, ISO 27005

We are ready with a timely response to any security incidents which occur

We deliver vulnerability management through industry-leading products.

We provide you with automated reports, analysing which will help you in achieving consistency

We find and resolve the liabilities across business applications, databases, and networks

SISA powers the world’s best digital security experience

How We Work?

This is the protocol we follow

Half-a-day awareness session: The main objective here is to create awareness among the users regarding the gravity of PCI DSS compliance.

Half-a-day awareness session: The main objective here is to create awareness among the users regarding the gravity of PCI DSS compliance.

PCI DSS Risk Assessment: Next, we conduct PCI Risk Assessment to identify the various points of exposure within the framework and the unique risks which can impact the confidentiality of a cardholder.

PCI DSS Gap Assessment: Then we identify the gaps and loopholes in the infrastructure with respect to PCI DSS 3.2 through PCI DSS Gap Assessment.

What is Facilitated Risk Assessment?

Facilitated Risk assessment is a service offered by SISA to help organizations perform Risk Assessment.

Facilitated RA will enable organizations to identify the assets and associated risks

It is an organized way to create and manage all the risk assessments

Can be conducted based on standards such as ISO 27005, PCI DSS, Octave etc.

Enables users to assign risks to respective teams for further handling

Using the tool, users can mitigate risk with one of the following options

- Risk Avoidance
- Risk Transfer
- Risk Treatment
- Risk Termination

Also enables generation of a consolidated report with risk scores for the Risk Assessment conducted

It provides a set of rules to analyze the existing security stance of the environment, to deal with the current problems and to identify the things that could go wrong in the future, since the risks are dynamic in nature – what is applicable today might be rendered irrelevant tomorrow.

What is Breach Risk Assessment?

Breach Risk Assessment is a proactive risk assessment as opposed to a self-check activity performed considering breaches which happened in a similar industry in the past. In this assessment, we take knowledge from our payment forensic learnings and build risk scenarios based on past breaches. The intention behind Breach Risk Scenario is to take a proactive step towards analyzing and protecting the organization.

Why Should SISA Be Your Choice?

SISA has been an integral part of this process right from its inception. The topic of risk assessment in SIG (Special Interest Group) was proposed by SISA’s CEO, Dharshan Shanthamurthy. We were pioneers in launching the PCI Risk Assessment tool which helped more than a hundred organizations- worldwide- to decrease their risk assessment effort and time by automating PCI risk management procedure. SISA RA has built-in standard data to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that could come up in any individual scenario. SISA RA helps you in automating Risk Assessment activation which will reduce your cost and efforts up to 80%. Having worked in this field for well over a decade now, we have a vast knowledge and deep understanding of the business risks associated with a card environment.

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It is a colossal challenge to keep continuous track of the activities of systems throughout their lifecycle. The system needs to evolve with time because the risks are evolving too.

And that is where SISA comes into the picture. We relieve you of the worries and troubles regarding vulnerability management and security services so that you can pull all your focus towards the core objective of your business. Talk to us today!

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