Payment Data SecurityImplementation Programs

SISA provides a range of payment data security implementation programs to help professionals explore the core concepts of payments security and gain hands-on experience through interactive workshops on the implementation of PCI security controls.

Gain recognition to support your organization’s payment security and compliance efforts


CPISI is a comprehensive PCI DSS training program designed to impart knowledge on the policies and procedures of PCI implementation while raising awareness on the implementation of effective PCI security controls.


CPISI-D is a Secure Application Development Training workshop aimed at developers and architects to build secure applications. The workshop revolves around the two best application security practices, PA DSS and OWASP.

CPISI Advanced

CPISI 2.0 educates cybersecurity professionals to adopt a hybrid risk assessment approach towards payments security across a breadth of payment forms ahead of the outdated ones included in traditional PCI DSS training programs.

Benefits of taking the payment data security implementation programs

Gain recognition as a PCI security implementation specialist in your organization
Launch your career in the payments data security domain with a competitive advantage
Become part of a growing payments security professionals’ community
Learn in-depth concepts from real case studies based on forensics investigations

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