QHC (Quarterly Health Check)

For entities, adherence to PCI standards must not only be validated every year, but also vigilantly monitored to defend against new security threats, accommodate changes in regulatory standards and address internal information technology changes that may compromise cardholder data. This needs many activities or tasks that need to be performed regularly by a PCI DSS certified entity for maintaining the PCI DSS Certification.

SISA being a Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSA-C) for PCI DSS standard, promulgated by the PCI SSC, aims at providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers. As part of quarterly maintenance activity, SISA will conduct an interim audit based on the checklist. This activity will help to increase the security posture of your organization.

Already PCI certified and worried about maintaining certification, not sure what activities are to be done on quarterly, bi-annually and yearly basis? Reach us out, we will make sure your PCI maintenance is hassle-free.

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