Identify structured and unstructured
sensitive data within the network with
SISA Radar - Data Discovery tool

Analyze, track and report on file content to achieve greater data visibility.

Why is discovering sensitive data important?

Data is the most critical asset for any organization. Challenges like perimeter-less networks, and evolving technologies make it complex for organizations to track and manage the storage and usage of data to secure it from leaks and breaches.

Data breaches in 2021

  • 5.1 billion records breached in 2021.
  • 51% of data breaches reported were due to misuse and un-authorized access to sensitive data.
  • Most affected industries include Healthcare, Technology and Media, Financial Services, Retail and Professional Services.
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Secure sensitive data in 3 easy steps with
SISA Radar - Data Discovery Tool


The UI/UX of configuration module is designed to help users customize the scan criteria based on compliance needs. SISA Radar’s configuration module is designed to handle about 350+ PII types and 500+ file types.


SISA Radar’s scan module includes features such as time estimate, scan percentage and options to pause and resume the scan. Improve the speed of your data discovery scans with a single console view to identify sensitive data paths.

Remediate / Quarantine

Secure your data with the best encryption techniques. SISA Radar follow’s some of the best encryption techniques like AES256, Rijndael, Triple DES etc allowing users to encrypt and de-crypt sensitive data for databases.

Flexible deployment models with an interactive
and user-friendly interface

From an easy page setup and a unified view of scan results to data mapping, analytics and reporting, you gain unmatched intelligence to power your compliance and data protection strategy.

Define scan criteria based on your compliance needs.

View the scan results on a single console, understand the scan time estimate and accuracy.

Get a snapshot of sensitive data exposure, filter the data by location, format and type .

Secure your Data Management framework by
applying appropriate remediation methods

SISA Radar – Data Discovery solution supports an array of data remediation methods that include redaction, masking and
de-identification. It helps you address data security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS and HIPAA by enabling you to employ the right methods relevant to your business.

The tool hunts for exposed data and auto-triggers data remediation actions, specific to the rules you define withing the workflow. By automating the discovery and remediation of non-compliant data, you can minimize the risk of reputational damage and financial loss arising from fines and lawsuits.

Simplify your Data Privacy Compliance needs with SISA Radar

Technology Coverage

  • Data BasesMsSql, MySql, Oracle, Postgre SQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, SQLite, SqlCompact, MSAccess, Mongo DB, Informix, Elastic search, Cassandra, DataStax, Couchbase, Redis.
  • Cloud InfrastructureAWS S3 buckets, O365, G Drives, Shared Drives, Azure Blob Storages.
  • End Points and ServersWe support most of them.

A verified product on Gartner, SISA Radar has been rated
5 stars and recommended by 100% of our customers from
diverse industries and geographies.

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Highest rated Data Discovery tool on Gartner peer insights

Recommended 100% by existing users

Role: Infrastructure and Operations

Industry: Banking
“Good Data Discovery and Classification Build for Windows and Linux Endpoints And Servers.”

Role: Security and Risk Management

Industry: IT Services
“Our clients in Africa are satisfied with the SISA Radar, the data discovery tool, which helped to identify challenges and offered top-class compliance solutions like the PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and others.”

Role: Security and Risk Management

Industry: Professional Services
“SISA Radar Is A Great Product For Use In Our CDE And Helped Us Be PCI compliant.”

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