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Training Programs for a safer world

Digital transformation has brought a slew of security challenges to organizations worldwide.

Threats evolve and adapt. Data breaches abound.

Is your organization threat-ready?

The answer: SISA’s curated Training programs.

Because we believe your professional growth is key to making the world safer through Payment Security programs.

Why you need our Training programs

  • In an evolving payments landscape, outsmarting threats calls for proactive security.
  • In the face of rapidly changing regulatory requirements, organizations with inadequately trained employees fail to maintain their security compliance.
  • Compliance alone may not be enough. SISA’s PFI investigations have found that 38% of organizations were compliant at the time of breach.
SISA monogram in White

Empower yourself to become threat-ready through our Training programs.

Become cyber-resilient and future-proof your organization against emerging threats.

Our Training programs take your journey as a
cybersecurity professional to the next level

Professional Development

Opportunities to earn CPE credits and digital badges from a portfolio of training programs

Networking & Growth

Exclusive access to webinars and research with latest updates, a vast peer-network, and conferences with the best technical content and thought leadership

Delivered in formats tailored to your specific needs

Onsite training

Learning, undistracted.

Our onsite training delivers a hands-on learning experience with SISA authorized trainers and instructors giving you the latest, most relevant content you need to be success.

Live, online training 

The interactive learning you want. The flexibility you need. 

Accelerate your career with our live, online training sessions with SISA Authorised Trainers, enabling you to pursue your professional growth with convenience and flexibility.

Self-paced training

The freedom and convenience to learn, at your own pace. 

Prepare for your exam anytime, anywhere with on-demand access to recorded video content from authorized expert instructors along with additional material including industry topics and real-world scenarios.

Explore our Training programs.

SISA, as a global leader in payment security, audit and testing solutions, has served 2,000+ clients across domains, industries and geographies. We bring in depth and breadth of expertise that helps you secure your infrastructure.
A PCI DSS Implementation workshop curated by SISA A Secure Application Development Training workshop by SISA A Payment Data Security workshop by SISA
Ideal for Those beginning their professional journey in payment data security implementation Application developers, architects, application testing teams, payment application security enthusiasts Cybersecurity professionals looking to stay up to date on best security practices for emerging payment forms and regulatory requirements
Key learnings
  • 2-day training & workshop
  • Implement effective data security and payment security for your organization
  • Comprehensive understanding of PCI DSS requirements and PCI DSS controls
  • Backed by forensics driven case studies & SISA learnings
  • Ease the PCI DSS compliance journey
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end understanding of how to create a secure development lifecycle
  • Best practices for secure coding and secure software development
  • Compliance requirements, risk assessment, threat profiling and common coding vulnerabilities
  • Backed by forensics driven case studies & SISA learnings
  • 2-day training & workshop
  • Comprehensive coverage for PCIDSS, ISO, HIPPAA, CIST, SWIFT frameworks.
  • New Form factors & Technology (IoT, Whatsapp payment, Palmpay etc)
  • Comprehensive, hybrid risk assessment and payment security training covering a breadth of payment forms
  • Ease of compliance and payment security training
  • Effective leverage of compliance changes by regulatory bodies.
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