Fast Incident Response

Built using the forensics-based intelligence driven process, the fast incident response element by SISA helps you identify, investigate and respond to breaches faster than ever

How proactive should your incident response be at this time?

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that increase in attack surface is leading to an extremely high number of endpoints that are prone to innumerable incidents.

Thus, it is imperative for your business to filter out high fidelity alerts that should be addressed right in time. And that’s exactly how proactive is the fast incident response service provided by SISA.

Proactively handle cyber incidents and limit the impact of breaches

Stay resilient and continue hassle-free business on the face of cyber threats

Advantage of deep forensics analysis, threat intelligence feeds, and broad experience of tactical incident responses

The incident response service by SISA is more than just a technology platform. Backed by forensics and intelligence feeds, designed with a malware reverse engineering methodology, the cyber incident response is powered on the SISA ProACT with a cross-functional approach for a coordinated, aligned and orchestrated response to every critical attack.

From incident discovery to response and recovery, stay ready for first response incident handling, anytime.

Endpoint diagnostics enabled incident response for cumulative remediation of threats

Cyber incident root cause analysis reporting tool

Automated logging and alerting techniques for sorting incidents

Malware containment integration for arresting further proliferation of the threat

Decipher. Deter. Defend – Transform from being reactive to proactive on the face of cyber threats

Is your organization prepared to respond to a cyber security incident? Do you have the expertise to contain and decrease the impact of a cyberattack?

With the comprehensive security event and incident management solution:

Introduce a heightened level of security incident controls and minimize the costs associated with cyber threats.

Have a quick understanding of the nature of a cyberattack.

Reduce the time taken to respond to an incident across multiple endpoints and recover faster.

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