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SISA Ransomware eBook

A deep dive into the ransomware landscape

The ransomware threat is a top-of-mind issue for so many organizations; however, few feel totally prepared for an attack. Adversaries are not only launching ransomware attacks against a wide range of industries, but they are also consistently evolving their tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) to thwart your organization’s best cybersecurity defenses. SISA’s Ransomware eBook aims to create an understanding of ransomware while serving as a blueprint aimed at protection.

What does it cover?

The definitive guide to ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most damaging types of malwares in existence today. SISA’s Ransomware eBook offers expert advice on how to investigate and respond to such attacks, and how to build your cyber defense strategy against this dynamically evolving threat.

The most dreaded list and their TTPs

The eBook also offers deep insights into the operations of top ransomware gangs, and the techniques, tactics, and procedures they use to launch ransomware attacks.

Recommended actions Addressing the threat of ransomware requires adopting a multi-layered ‘Protect & Detect’ approach and embracing continuous learning. The eBook includes recommended actions and best practices to help organizations improve their preparedness and response measures. Download the eBook to:

  • Understand the business of ransomware
  • Learn about the attack lifecycle, major operators and recent trends
  • Know the current state of preparedness and actions required to stay prepared

Who should read it

  • CXOs and Board members
  • Security leaders and professionals
  • Government advisors
  • Consultants

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