CyberSec Code Black – MDR to Rescue

About the webinar

Remote working has become the new normal today. With the immense benefits of remote working, a majority of employees are opting to work from home.

Like a coin with two sides, remote working has its pros and quite a few data security cons. Security threats increase when an employee accesses data outside an organization’s servers and internal networks.

A recent study shows a staggering 94% of malware delivered via phishing in 2019. Besides, cyber attackers are on a constant recon for the vulnerabilities on the remote working endpoints to launch MiTM attacks.

In this situation, organizations must take a proactive step in shifting their focus from data center based security monitoring to end-point security. Organizations must know and understand evolving cyber threats and introspect on ways to improve security posture.

The webinar addresses the security threats faced by organizations during high-risk times and educates the cyber world with security best practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the security threat pertaining to remote working
  • Learn how to be prepared to uphold security during high-risk times
  • Introspect your security best practices
  • Know the importance of monitoring endpoints and a few tips to improve end-point security
  • Learn how phishing and ransomware has taken over a boom during the COVID-19 outbreak
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