Declaration of Impartiality

SISA is aware of the importance and is committed to ensuring the impartiality in the activities of delivering certification programs.

  • All decisions related to applications, exam or certifications will be based only on objective evidence obtained during the activities of the certification process.
  • The personnel from SISA Certification team are not subjected to commercial, financial, and other similar influences that may affect their professional judgment and compromise their impartiality.
  • No other personnel from SISA other than the certification team can participate in the management of the certification program, the review, or the decision-making for certification.
  • SISA is fully responsible for the impartiality of its internal and external resources involved in the certification process.
  • SISA defines, analyses, and documents any possible cases of conflicts of interest that may arise through the structure of the certification processes, including conflicts that may arise by identifying and managing potential risks.
  • When informed, the SISA’s Certification team is compelled to act and respond to all risks to its impartiality arising from the activities of other persons, bodies or organizations. At the same time, it does not allow external pressure from any entity outside the certification team to influence their decision.
  • In cases where a kind of relationships creates a risk to impartiality, the SISA’S Certification team documents, eliminates or minimizes this risk.
  • SISA does not state or imply in any way that the certification will be faster, easier or cheaper if a certain consulting, organization is used.
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