Certification Policy & Candidate Handbook

SISA’s certification body is the sole owner of all SISA’s certifications. SISA strives to ensure that all SISA certifications are awarded in line with the certification policies, as such SISA certifications can only be earned when the test taker.

  • Has passed the SISA certification exam successfully.
  • Has passed the surveillance checks in place prior, during and post the certification exam.
  • Has agreed to the below terms and conditions prior to the exam.
  • Security and Integrity Agreement:
    This agreement intends to maintain and protect the value of SISA certifications, the effort made to achieve the certification schemes, and the integrity of confidential information as well as intellectual property.
    This agreement also covers unacceptable events such as fraudulent behaviour and cheating that may impact negatively and limit the candidate from achieving the certification.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement:
    This agreement binds the candidates to keep exam related content confidential. This is critical to protect the integrity of the certification program legally discouraging piracy and/ or unauthorized use of the exam content in any way. Through this agreement SISA intends to discourage indulgence in events where any kind of exam content is shared that is a copyright of SISA.
  • Certification Agreement:
    This agreement governs the usage of any benefit, name, or logo, earned through the SISA certification program. This agreement is applicable to all SISA exams and certification titles.

Note: Individuals/ Test-Takers will need to agree to all the above to before proceeding with the exam. Each of these agreements are placed to secure the sanctity of the SISA certification program.

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