Complaint Policy

Expression of dissatisfaction by any individual or organization to a certification body,
relating to the activities of that body or a certified person, where a response is expected.

  • This policy shall address the process for receiving, validating, investigating the complaint and deciding what actions are to be taken in response to it: 
  • The complaint process shall be made available for all the interested parties to look at in a publicly available location to facilitate the logging of a complaint. 
  • The certification department shall be impartial and unbiased while handling the complaints. 
  • The decision to be communicated to the complainant shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, personnel not previously involved in the subject of the complaint. 
  • The certification department must maintain privacy and confidentiality while handling the complaints. 
  • This compliant policy shall only handle the compliant on the processes of Certification. 
  • Any candidate who is unhappy with the Certification process can file a complaint via the website or by sending an email or by SISA support number to the certification team. 
  • The Complaint thus received shall be forwarded to the Certification Manager for a detailed review. The Certification Manager shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours and check the genuineness of the complaint. 
  • If the complaint is deemed valid, it shall be logged, assigned with a complaint number, and promptly communicated to the candidate. If the complaint is determined to be invalid, the candidate will be promptly notified. 
  • The certification department must not reject the complaint should it be directed towards any of the vendors/ 3rd parties engaged by the certification department to execute the certification process. The certification department is responsible for the vendor/ 3 rd party performance if related to the
    certification process. 
  • The certification department shall keep the individual informed throughout the process. 
  • The certification department must ensure that a complaint about a certified person shall also be to the certified person if in question at an appropriate time.  
  • Certification department shall continuously monitor the progress of the complaint and provide regular updates to the candidate, ensuring transparency. Additionally, periodically update the complaint register to maintain an accurate record of proceedings. 
  • If a complaint is deemed valid, it shall be categorized and escalated to the advisory board.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) will be engaged to conduct a root cause analysis (RCA).
  • The certification body handling the complaint will gather and verify all necessary information to validate it. 
  • Upon receiving the resolution, Certification Manager shall implement the appropriate action and the complainant shall be informed about the status of the compliant. 
  • Once the complaint is resolved, certification department shall seek confirmation of closure from the individual and then close the complaint status accordingly.
  • The certification department shall give formal notice of the formal closure of the complaint. 
  • Any substantiated complaint about a certified person shall also be referred by the certification body to the certified person in question at an appropriate time. 
  • The certification department must store the complaint database and the relevant status of each complaint in a secured place for future reference. 
  • The certification department must check the complaint database monthly to ensure there are no pending reports.
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