Mitigating Potential Data Breach through Lateral Movement Hunting

Cyber-attacks are inevitable today. Intruders can gain access to the security layers of an organization even though the most robust defensive measures are taken against data leaks. This raises a serious need to understand what is happening inside security systems, address respective challenges, and update a stronger security posture from time to time.

For the reason of protecting sensitive data, and prevent a data breach, organizations are finding it crucial to invest in MDR service, which performs log monitoring and 24×7 threat detection.

Threat hunting is a complex activity that requires greater amounts of effort, skills, and strategies to detect and fight against adversaries. In one sentence, it is searching for a pin in a haystack as out of 100% logs generated, only 0.1% are malicious and can cause data compromise. This makes the security analysts work day and night to hunt malicious activities and mitigate potential data breaches that may happen anytime.

The case study pens it down how “malvertizing”, one of the methods of intrusion used by cyber attackers, tried to compromise one of SISA’s client’s security layers to steal sensitive data. It also tells how SISA’s Synergistic-SOC threat hunting team proactively hunted and mitigated the threat, which could cause a potential data breach that is detected in a client’s environment.


Read the complete case study to know more.

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Case Study - Mitigating Potential Data Breach through Lateral Movement Hunting
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