Why do Organizations need to invest in PCI Training?

PCI DSS Training to secure cardholders data

With the world going in line with the technology and the automation of storing and transforming sensitive data across multiple platforms, the risk of valuable data, being compromised is also increasing. To address this problem and reduce the threats pertaining to sensitive data, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was founded in the year 2004.

PCI SSC has framed a set of standards namely Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that must be followed by the organizations that store, process and/or transmit any type of clear text sensitive authentication information.

Even though most organizations are complying with PCI DSS and striving in securing the sensitive data, the number of breaches has been growing year by year. This is because numerous entities are looking at PCI DSS compliance as a validation and attestation process, limited to papers but not as a chance to understand their security posture.

Hence, there is a serious need for every individual in an entity starting from top management to security analysts team, to gain the knowledge on the importance of PCI DSS along with understanding how data is stored, managed and transmitted, to and from the company.

Taking part in PCI Training can help in closing the gap of understanding for the organizations that are keen to secure their sensitive data environments from getting breached.

The Importance of PCI Training

While complying with PCI DSS is one important step that businesses should take for better data security, getting trained in implementing those standards is the other step to understand the current status of their security systems, processes, and policies. PCI Training helps every Information Security stakeholder proactively implement PCI DSS across functions, act against threats that may occur at any point of time and find possible solutions, from the knowledge they gained from a PCI Training.

It is also a good opportunity to understand the efficiency of compliance process and introspect their organization’s security posture from time to time. Also, participating in training helps build trust and confidence when they are going to allow someone to assess their security systems. Most importantly, training is a great opportunity for an entity to get the ability of classifying the processes and systems effectively while scoping, which happens during compliance process, depending on the security requirements.

SISA’s Take on Training and Workshops

Keeping the benefits of getting trained in PCI fundamentals in mind, SISA offers an exceptional set of training and workshops for various security standards (PCI DSS, PA DSS, P2PE etc.) that cover right from the fundamentals of payment industry to implantation of the security controls.

By updating the training plan from time to time, SISA makes it sure that all the latest industry trends are covered. In short, SISA’s training helps an organization get a broader view on the importance of PCI compliance and the associated journey.

The training offered by SISA includes:

  • CPISI (PCI DSS Training – Certified Payment Industry Security Implementer):
    A workshop that focuses on the successful implementation of PCI DSS in an entity along with giving real world examples that helps gain knowledge on threat landscape.
  • CPISI-D (Certified Payment Industry Security Implementer for Developers):
    CPISI-D is designed especially for payment application developers to give them the ability to effectively develop applications in a secured manner.
  • CPIDR (Certified Payment Security Incident Detector and Responder):
    Crafted for IT security analysts that work on monitoring security networks, applications, and infrastructure. This program trains teams in identifying and responding to threats.
  • CPISI-Hybrid (Online PCI Training):
    A 30 day self-paced intensive online program for comprehensive implementation of PCI DSS to enable better security application.
  • PSA (PCI Security Awareness Training):
    This training covers everything on the security standards, starting from introduction to Payment Security Standards to sharing the knowledge on program management and maintaining PCI Compliance.


Depending on the requirement SISA offers both In-house and external training, from which you can opt one that best fits your organizational needs or the needs of your individual employees.

If you’d like to know more or set up a training with SISA, do write in to training@sisainfosec(dot)com to know more.

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