Tackling End-Point Security Risks with Risk Assessment

About the webinar

Protecting sensitive data from threat actors has never been an easy task for organizations. Threat actors constantly recon for gaps and vulnerabilities in the security layers of an organization to attack and harvest data.

Recent operational transformation of businesses to work from home culture has been attracting cyber threats. The spike in Phishing and Ransomware attack numbers throughout the world make it evident that Work from Home devices are under threat.

It is the time for organizations to step up, assess risks and vulnerabilities on the endpoints of work from home agents, and close them as soon as possible.

Explore the latest cyber threat landscape and threats underneath with SISA’s webinar on Tackling End-Point Security Risks with Risk Assessment. Dive deep into Risk Assessment methods with real-time case scenarios that we will be explaining in the webinar.

Key Takeaways:

1. Learn about the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, being used by cyber attackers during the crisis
2. Know the advantages and importance of conducting a formal risk assessment on the endpoints of remote working agents
3. Understand how to analyse and assess vulnerabilities with sample Risk Assessment simulation

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