Webinar: Staying Resilient to Breaches and Ensuring PCI DSS Compliance

About the webinar

Most banking and financial institutions across Asia and especially Cambodian market who have been handling sensitive customer data/PII, have been exposed to major cyberattacks since the pandemic in 2020.

Notably, these data breaches have given a new dimension to the banking sector in Cambodia as the volume and cost of the data breaches have increased considerably, both in data loss and regulatory fines.

How to protect sensitive data? How to mitigate risks of data breaches? How to ensure PCI DSS compliance readiness?


Watch the full recording from webinar session

During the webinar, we discussed on the implementation efforts for meeting regulations and ensuring security, considering:

  • Guidelines of Cambodia Central Bank and regulatory standards
  • PCI DSS, its applicability, and how it helps secure sensitive data
  • Implementation of PCI DSS (Simplified)
  • Role of training in the implementation process of PCI DSS
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