SISA’s Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings – Report Launch and Panel Discussion

About the webinar

We invite you to join our panel discussion, “SISA’s Top 5 Forensic Driven Learnings” and the release of SISA Top 5 Learnings by Mrs. Rama Vedhashree, CEO, DSCI, and Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy, CEO, SISA.

With greater technical evolution, enterprise behaviors are changing. As the world started the digital transformation, the cyber threat landscape has become more challenging. In addition, the current mass remote working moment made the situation more complicated, as organizations embrace work from home solutions and turn to cloud-based tools.

As a leading forensic investigator, SISA has successfully investigated several data breaches across the globe to understand the cause of breaches. The insights, we present in this webinar is the encapsulation of knowledge from 1000+ compliance engagements in 2019-20.

Having observed the pattern of attacks, organization preparedness to defend or prevent these attacks, making systems more secure and protecting businesses from repeat attacks, we presents “SISA TOP 5 FORENSIC BASED LEARNINGS”.


Key Takeaways:

1. Understand how to redefine your organization’s security posture to reduce the attacks surface
2. What are the impactful measures to be considered to improve the security posture
3. Gain knowledge on the current day threat landscape

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