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Outsmart Ransomware with SISA’s Key Prevention and Response Strategies

Ransomware is one of the major threats for organizations across any vertical because it is easy to deploy and works well for attackers. One small window of opportunity is all they need to infiltrate your infrastructure.

While no organization is immune to such attacks, it’s important to be prepared. Every organization needs to take the right steps to reduce the probability of an attack and its repercussions in case of an attack.

Mahendran Chandramohan, Vice President – MDR, walks you through the attack cycle of ransomware, how infiltrations happen and what guidelines organizations must follow while monitoring their key infrastructure (services, endpoints, applications, etc). The webinar will include simple actionable insights for security teams. In addition, organizations can also walk away with ideas to chalk out a recovery to minimize ransomware attack damage.



Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices to follow for Ransomware prevention based on the NIST framework
  • Guidelines to monitor key infrastructure
  • Recommendations to reduce recovery time


Mahendran Chandramohan - Vice President - MDR Service
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