Lessons Learned from Data Breaches in 2018

The webinar provides an insight in payment data breaches investigated by SISA in 2018 and details out the common ingress points, lateral movement, and egress of a compromised environment and covers an extensive view on the forensic cases (PFI and IFI) finding, lesson learned, and improve on the threat hunting process to minimize the data compromise.

About the webinar

It’s no surprise that numerous data breaches have emerged in 2018, ranging from fake malware attacks to PIN attacks, our investigations now have a vast IOC’s and IOA’s Information from the many varied breaches. In the constant cat and mouse game of cybersecurity, it is a fallacy to think that you will always be protected against all threats. The reality is you have to be prepared for both pre and post-breach. To prepare effectively, you must first understand what’s out there, the threats and the most recent breaches.

SISA has over a decade’s experience in digital forensics. As a PCI Forensic Investigator, we have investigated hundreds of breaches around the world. This experience has allowed us to assist a multitude of organizations, law firms, and regulatory authorities with commercial and corporate investigations. It’s our responsibility to share and educated the cyber world to stand up and defend against these attacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get a closer look at what caused the breaches in 2018.
  • Details on how these breaches happened.
  • What can you do protect your environment.
  • Live simulation of the solutions.
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