Fireside Chat with Jeff Vinson on Ransomware Resiliency

About the webinar

Ransomware attacks surged by 148% compared to the previous year and continue to be the biggest risk. As ransomware families becoming more sophisticated, cybersecurity stakeholders are believed to be under pressure on whether to pay the ransom or not.

Watch Jeff Vinson, Senior Vice President – Chief Cyber & Information Security Officer at Harris Health System, and Ravi Lingarkar, Chief Product and Engineering officer at SISA, discussing how to address sophisticated ransomware attacks, situations where ransom payment is not to be done, the role of regulatory bodies, and how to minimize the game of cyber extortion.

Takeaways from the Fireside chat:

  • Trends of a ransomware attack
  • The role of Law enforcement
  • Importance of incident response plan
  • Best practices to secure sensitive data


Jeff Vinson - Senior VP Chief CISO Harris Health System

Jeff Vinson
Senior Vice President-Chief Cyber & Information Security Officer
Harris Health System

Ravi Lingarkar - Chief Product and Engineering Officer

Ravi Lingarkar
Chief Product and Engineering Officer

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