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Data Protection – 5 real-time challenges businesses need to be prepared for.

About the Panel Discussion

Data breaches are on rise and businesses face challenges in protecting data and complying with regulations.

Watch our insightful panel discussion on “Data Protection: 5 real-time challenges businesses need to be prepared for | Hear it from Industry Experts ”.
Data Privacy experts share their views on data security & privacy and its impact on businesses in India with real-time challenges and case studies.

Key Discussion Points:

  • 5 key challenges the businesses should prepare for.
  • Understand real-time implementation challenges with case studies.
  • Action points to improve data security.
  • Overview of India’s Data Protection Bill (draft) and its business impact.


Dharshan Shanthamurthy - CEO
Aurobinda Patra - Cybersecurity Products
Rahul Prasad - HDFC Bank
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