SISA believes in working with the best. There are several SMEs and groups involved in shaping and governing the SISA certification schemes. SISA invites all industry experts who believe their contribution can make a difference to join one of the following elite groups.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a dedicated group of professionals who work together to ensure that the certification scheme is high in quality and value. Be a part of this elite group who meet once every quarter to share their expertise, hear cases and make critical decision that govern the certification program.


Item Contribution Council

The Item contribution council are a group of experts who design and create questions for the exam which make the assessment valid and reliable. These experts use their industry knowledge and experience to not only create their own questions but also review questions written by other experts.


Beta Testers

If you have an eye for detail along with technical expertise, this is the right group for you. Beta testers are a group of experts who have a passion for critical analysis and offer their service to test the exam before it goes out to the market. Beta testers are key to ensure that SISA exams are error free and high in quality

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