SISA RADAR Secures Patent for Advanced Aadhaar Data Management Technology

2nd July, 2024, Bengaluru, India — SISA, a leader in Forensics-driven Cybersecurity Solutions for the digital payment industry, is proud to announce that it has been granted a patent by The Patent Office, Government of India, for a revolutionary method and system designed for the management of Aadhaar data, entitled “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING AADHAAR DATA”. This groundbreaking technology enhances the security and management of Aadhaar numbers, a critical component in the identification and social security of individuals in India.  

As Aadhaar numbers are linked to essential personal data, including identity and health records, securing this information is paramount. Despite stringent efforts, the storage and management of Aadhaar data have been susceptible to cyber threats. Recognizing these challenges, SISA developed the Aadhaar Data Discovery Engine, an integral part of the SISA RADAR suite. This newly patented system streamlines the detection, masking, and secure management of Aadhaar data across various platforms without user intervention.

Key Features of SISA RADAR’s Aadhaar Data Discovery Engine:

  • Automated Data Management: Dynamically scans and identifies Aadhaar data within any application stored in a data management system, executing predefined actions such as deletion, masking, or encryption.
  • Compliance with UIDAI Regulations: Adheres to the compliance checklist provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), ensuring that all operations uphold the highest standards of data confidentiality.
  • Efficient and Secure: Offers a one-click solution to truncate or mask Aadhaar data, significantly reducing the time and effort required to secure data while preventing potential breaches.

This technology represents a significant step forward in the secure management of sensitive information. By automating the identification and handling of Aadhaar numbers based on a comprehensive Aadhaar policy, SISA RADAR ensures enhanced data security and compliance with regulatory norms.

Securing Aadhaar data is not just a regulatory requirement; it is imperative for safeguarding the personal and financial information of every Indian citizen,” stated Dharshan Shanthamurthy, Founder and CEO of SISA. “Our newly patented Aadhaar Data Discovery Engine epitomizes our commitment to innovate, and secure data management solutions. This technology isn’t just a tool—it’s a leap forward in protecting identities and simplifying compliance for businesses across the nation.”

Entities utilizing Aadhaar data for verification and other purposes face significant risks related to data privacy. SISA RADAR addresses these issues head-on, offering robust solutions that align with UIDAI’s stringent confidentiality norms.


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