SISA ProACT rated as an ‘excellent MDR product’ with ‘forensic analysis and threat detection’ on Gartner Peer Insights.

Over 25 verified Gartner Peer Reviews recommend SISA ProACT as a fully customizable, all-in-one log monitoring solution that helps handle cyber events through 24×7 monitoring and investigation.

Bengaluru, India – October 28, 2022: SISA ProACT – SISA’s forensics-driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from its customers on Gartner Peer Insights, under the category ‘Managed Detection and Response Services’.

Gartner Peer Insights is a platform for end-user professionals to rate and review enterprise technology solutions, allowing organizations to leverage this feedback to drive decisions, reinforce strengths, and improve solutions.

SISA’s comprehensive MDR solution, SISA ProACT, provides an integrated threat detection and incident response platform that is powered by forensic intelligence. With 24x7x365 threat monitoring, SISA ProACT offers greater visibility for advanced persistent threat detection and enables organizations to contain and remediate cyber threats before they inflict any damage. SISA’s in-house developed ML algorithm and use case library also provides a holistic approach to enhance enterprise security, reduce alert fatigue, and improve threat visibility.

Dharshan Shanthamurthy, Founder and CEO, SISA said, “With the proliferation of digital transformation initiatives and the emergence of advanced technologies like IoT devices, 5G and edge computing, protecting the expanding risk surface can be a challenging task for CISOs. SISA ProACT provides comprehensive and advanced intrusion detection that is equipped with actionable intelligence to enable a shift from a reactive to proactive threat response. We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback and promise to continue providing them with the best of our services.”

With cyberattacks becoming more complex, targeted, and frequent, traditional defenses and rule-based solutions aren’t proving effective. To cut through the noise and spot threats early in the attack chain, enterprises need robust defenses with advanced detection and remediation capabilities. Commenting on SISA ProACT’s improved ratings, Mahendran Chandramohan, Head – MDR BU said, “We are pleased to note that SISA ProACT has been garnering positive feedback, a testimony of our product capabilities and service quality. Our customers have consistently given us “Promoter” scores, reflecting the excellent service our team provides and the significant value for money our solution offers. While we cherish the recognition and savour the moment, our focus continues to remain on improving our services further based on customer feedback.”

SISA’s ProACT MDR solution has been deployed by enterprises across financial services, IT, e-commerce, and healthcare industries and has helped clients significantly improve threat detection and response. Karl Cavanaug, Lead Security Analyst, Club Prophet Software, LLC – a leading global provider of golf management software, said “Over the past several years, we have been using SISA’s ProACT MDR services to meet PCI Compliance for 24/7 log monitoring. For our most recent certification, we decided to migrate the application to Google Cloud Platform’s Kubernetes environment from an AWS+ local application setup to improve reliability. Based on our requirement to support GCP SISA ProACT, SISA’s team worked with our developers to build a new SIEM application to fit our specific needs. The ProACT tool’s custom alerting together with the MDR team’s prompt actions has significantly improved our threat detection and response capability.”

As a global PCI forensic investigator (PFI), SISA leverages learnings from breach investigations to improve preventive and detective controls, helping clients address issues at their roots. Henry Itayi Marange, Cyber Security manager, NMB Bank Limited who has been using SISA ProACT said, “From the start of our conversations, the team has been incredibly responsive and has gone the extra mile to understand our specific challenges. Their demo, project plan presentation, and POC preview the SOC team’s ability to handle exceptions with near-instant insight into suspicious activity. A key differentiator for SISA is that their Core PFI’s are part of the FDR team, bringing extensive experience in identifying potential vulnerabilities across the attack surface. The team has helped proactively prevent several potential breaches and threats. The team’s dedication and commitment are commendable. I highly recommend SISA’s forensics-driven customer-centric MDR solution to organizations looking to improve their cybersecurity posture.”


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SISA is a forensics-driven cybersecurity company with offices across the globe. It is trusted by leading organizations for securing their businesses with robust preventive, detective, and corrective security services, and solutions. By taking the problem-first approach and leveraging its experience as a leading Global Payment Forensic Investigator (recognized by PCI Security Standards Council), SISA helps its 2,000 customers in 40+ countries focus on their business growth by taking care of their cybersecurity challenges.

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