SISA Launches ProACT MXDR at RSA Conference 2024, Revolutionizing Cybersecurity for Digital Payments

San Francisco – May 7, 2024 – SISA, a leading forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company, launched its latest innovation, ProACT MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) solution at the RSA Conference 2024. This revolutionary solution promises unparalleled threat detection and remediation capabilities, setting a new standard in security and threat detection for the digital payments industry.

Leveraging proprietary threat intelligence gleaned from SISA’s Payment Forensic Investigations and backed by 18 years of industry expertise, the ProACT MXDR solution delivers comprehensive next-generation solutions, including audit support, dark web monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring, and robust data protection measures. It is tailored to address the unique compliance and security challenges faced by the digital payments sector.

SISA also unveiled their latest whitepaper, ‘MXDR: The New Paradigm of Cyber Defense for Digital Payment Industry’. The paper was launched by George Tuvell, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Digid, Inc., at the event. The paper sheds light on the pressing security challenges faced by the digital payment organizations, while introducing MXDR as a promising solution capable of tackling the intricate network of security vulnerabilities in today’s interconnected digital world.

During the RSA Conference, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of ProACT MXDR at SISA’s booth. From interactive demos to insightful discussions with forensic experts, the booth provided a firsthand look at how MXDR can enhance threat detection and proactive defense strategies for digital payments.

“At SISA, we understand the critical importance of staying ahead of evolving cyber threats, especially in the digital payments landscape,” said Dharshan Shanthamurthy, Founder & CEO, SISA. “With ProACT MXDR, we offer a proactive defense strategy that empowers organizations to safeguard their digital payment ecosystems while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our tailored approach not only mitigates risks but also fosters trust and reliability in the payments ecosystem, enabling businesses to thrive securely in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.” 

Mahendran Chandramohan, VP – MXDR, SISA, emphasized the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, stating, “In the rapidly evolving digital payments landscape, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, rendering traditional security measures inadequate. The absolute need for advanced AI technologies has never been more critical. ProACT MXDR addresses this need head-on, offering a solution that is packed with state-of-the-art AI capabilities. These technologies enable organizations to gain deep insights into potential threats, predict and mitigate risks proactively, and respond with unparalleled speed and accuracy. By leveraging ProACT MXDR, organizations can stay ahead of cyber adversaries, ensuring robust protection, regulatory compliance, and operational resilience in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem.”

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SISA is a global forensics-driven cybersecurity solutions company, trusted by leading organizations for securing their businesses with robust preventive, detective, and corrective cybersecurity solutions. Our problem-first, human-centric approach helps businesses strengthen their cybersecurity posture. We apply the power of forensic intelligence and advanced technology to offer true security to 2,000+ customers in 40+ countries.

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