CPISI Workshop Receives Overwhelming Response from Payment Security Professionals in the US

Bengaluru, India – July 17, 2021

CPISI, the advanced payment data security training program by SISA, recently conducted in the US, is helping numerous businesses secure payment data.

An increase in data breaches and growing regulatory concerns had already troubled the payments ecosystem across the world. And then 2020 happened. The pandemic brought a dramatic surge of sensitive data breaches across banking, financial, and payment-related sectors in the US.

To address this situation, SISA introduced the CPISI payments security training program and has conducted 325 workshops across the globe, certifying at least 10,000 professionals.

SISA, the global leader in forensics driven cybersecurity services, today announced that it has successfully conducted a series of CPISI advanced payment security training program in the US. Notably, the payment security workshop that comprehensively covers security controls across local and global regulatory bodies such as PCI, ISO, NIST, and SWIFT, was fairly recognized by some of the leading banks, fintech, and financial services companies in the US.

Participants of the training program, mostly risk and compliance professionals, appreciated the payment forensic learnings covered in the CPISI workshop that equipped them with effective implementation of payment data security standards.

SISA, in many ways, is playing a pioneering role in the payment data security space, Shuma Lamurong, Business Lead – SISA Institute, explains, “There are a few other training programs in the market, but we are doing it differently being a global payment forensic investigator. CPISI is a predictive approach where we are helping the payments-related businesses strengthen their data security posture while preparing them for evolving regulatory standards.”

“We are continuously updating our CPISI training curriculum to keep it relevant for the evolving threats and vulnerabilities in the payments landscape. We will soon be opening registrations for the upcoming series of the workshop in the US, and the same will be published on the SISA website,” Shuma points out, drawing attention to the next phase of the CPISI training journey.

Dharshan Shanthamurthy, CEO of SISA, said, “Improving accessibility to knowledge on payment security is a continuous journey, and our impact in the US is a major steppingstone. We’re committed to that journey through SISA Institute and other training programs, creating more accessibility across the globe.”

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